Three Ways Your Business May Be Killing Your Employees and Customers

Yes, you read the title of this article right! Three overlooked causes of serious health problems are having a detrimental impact on the health of employees and customers. Fortunately, important research is bringing these vital business health concerns to light. According to a landmark 2018 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), leading Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) in homes and businesses are:

* Environmental noise;

* Air quality; and

* Water quality.

Governmental health agencies worldwide are actively studying SDoH using advanced cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. This article will discuss the importance of these findings on business owners. Other articles in this series will present inexpensive methods for improving health in polluted business environments.

Environmental Noise

Both indoor and outdoor factors contribute to the level of noise in homes and businesses. Indoor sources of noise include ventilation systems, white noise machines, and appliances and other machines. Outdoor sources of noise include cars, trucks, airplanes, playgrounds, schools, and construction and other urban activities.

According to the WHO report, the expansion of urban activities, highways, airports, and low-quality building construction increases the level of noise that people are exposed to in homes and businesses. All told, these factors are known as „environmental noise.“

In addition to hearing loss and lack of sleep, SDoH studies have revealed that excess noise has other detrimental effects on health. Guidelines based on AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% for every 10 dBA increase above the annual average of 45 dBA daytime and 35 dBA nighttime.

For example, a 50 dBA turbine installation that meets current US and EU standards, running all day, every day imposes a 7% increased risk of heart attack and stroke annually on people exposed to the turbine’s noise.

Since the typical business office „cruises along“ at 55 dBA, it’s easy to see the negative effects that noise is having on employees‘ health!

Consequently, WHO noise guidelines of 45 dBA day and night will soon be adopted in the US by the NIH, HUD, NIOSH, EPA, and HHS. This means it behooves businesses to proactively implement measures for reducing noise.

Air Quality

As opposed to noise, poor air and water quality are more „silent killers.“ In business, owners are responsible for providing a healthy workplace by ensuring proper building construction and maintenance. Management of moisture requires proper control of temperatures and ventilation to avoid excess humidity, condensation on surfaces and excess moisture in materials. Ventilation should be distributed effectively throughout spaces, and stagnant air zones avoided.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can also result from the presence of furnishings and building materials containing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, radon, and others. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been linked to certain diseases like asthma. In addition, substances such as asbestos and radon do not cause immediate symptoms but can lead to cancer after many years of exposure. Poor outdoor air quality results from vehicle exhaust, industrial pollution, commercial manufacturers and construction sites.

Poor air quality is a major health concern. Like noise, AI analysis found increased risk of serious stroke and fatal heart attacks when poor air quality (indoor and outdoor) is present. AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% when you live and work breathing poor quality indoor and outdoor air.

Water Quality

Significant adverse health effects have been associated with inadequate plumbing systems in businesses and homes stemming from poor design, incorrect installation, alterations, and inadequate maintenance.

Numerous factors affect the quality of water within a building’s piped distribution system. Poorly designed plumbing systems, for instance, can cause stagnation of water and provide a suitable environment for the proliferation of Legionella.

Moreover, improper plumbing materials, pipes, fittings and coatings can result in elevated concentrations of lead in drinking-water, and inappropriate materials can be conducive to bacterial growth.

According to the EPA, there is evidence that several metals found in drinking water (such as lead and arsenic) may contribute to heart disease or aggravate its symptoms. In addition, Stroke reports that even low exposure to arsenic is associated with an increased risk of stroke. To the surprise of investigators, AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% when you live and work where you drink or breathe (yes breathe) poor quality water. Researchers discovered that toxins such as lead, arsenic and even radon can be found in municipal and well water in quantities 100 times or more than found in poor quality air. Of even greater concern is that even if you do not drink the water coming from the faucet at home and work, the water that is aerosolized while running that faucet to wash your hands and aerosolized when flushing the toilet can carry enough contaminants to increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.


In conclusion, excessive environmental noise, poor air quality, and poor water quality can all lead to serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke. When these Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are present in your businesses, they can quite literally be killing your employees and customers. Now that the findings are in, the next step for business owners is action.

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Securing Your Georgia Home Loan – Georgia Dreams Coming True With State Help

In 2007, the state of Georgia was ranked as the 7th leading state for foreclosures by a trusted source in the industry, RealtyTrac. That was more than a 30% increase from 2006 and the number of homes affected was close to 60,000.

That is bad news for thousands of homeowners who have lost their homes, but it doesn’t have to be bad news for everyone. If there is a silver lining to be found in the tragic economic downturn in Georgia and the rest of the world, it is the fact that thousands of people who could not previously afford to purchase a home are now happy homeowners.

The state of Georgia has been implementing programs such as the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program to help these people get into homes and reduce the number of foreclosed homes sitting empty.

This is a program in operation through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. It was established in recognition of thousands of people who dreamed of taking advantage of the Federal tax credits for home buyers and the rock bottom prices within the housing market.

Georgia Dream Home Loans

The loans that are secured through this program are typical FHA, VA, or conventional loans but they receive fixed rates that are often lower than the going rate in the state. This reduces the monthly payments on the loans, making GA home loans more affordable to people with lower incomes.

In order to qualify for these special rates you will be required to live in the home as your primary residence, which eliminates those purchasing property to be rented out to others or as investment property in other ways.

To find out more information on this aspect of the program, you should visit one of the lending providers working with the state of Georgia to keep this program in operation. Some of these lenders include: BB&T Mortgage, Community Capital Bank, Element Funding, New South Federal Savings, and Prime Lending. Many other banks in the area are also participating in these state programs, so give your bank or credit union a call to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Georgia Dreams Second Mortgage Program

If the down payment is what stands between you and your GA home loan, the Georgia Dream Homeownership program can help you as well. This aspect of the program makes taking out a GA home loan more affordable by offering a delayed second mortgage, usually for applicants also taking advantage of the first mortgage program described above. This second mortgage will be for either $5,000 or $7,500 and will need to be repaid once the home is no longer being used as a primary residence, is sold, or transferred to someone else.

This second mortgage serves as help with the down payment and closing costs, as long as the applicant puts up $500 of their own money toward those costs. This has opened the door to home ownership to thousands of Georgians who otherwise would not be able to afford a GA home loan due to the upfront expenses.

These loans are intended to help specific groups of people, including:

* First – time home buyers

* Single parents

* Displaced homemakers

There are also some special loan terms which can be obtained by health care workers, the disabled, and those who are purchasing homes that are certified by Energy Star or similar programs.

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Buying New Homes Vs Old Homes

1. „Necessary Repairs“ Increase Home Value– Generally you can expect to see a rise in the value of your home when you do things like replace the air conditioning unit, furnace, or roof. You will get a higher offer on your house with these things than without. So while the idea of buying a home with an old hot water heater that you’ll need to replace seems like a buzz kill, you’ll pay less than if they had upgraded it for you (always use this as negotiating power! either request they do it, or factor it in to what the house is worth). This combined can be a great way to buy a nice house for a great deal.

2. „No Regret“ Design Changes- That parquet floor has been there long enough to push aside any regret for ripping it out and replacing it. Those 80’s tile, feel free to rip them out. Trends expire and it’s better to rip out tile that’s past it’s prime than brand new tile that’s hardly seen use. And you’re free to replace it with whatever you want, whereas builders normally have a selection you have to choose from.

3. „Old House“ Charm- It’s more expensive to buy „charming“ details new. Much like the old tile and parquet flooring, the crown molding and carved wood details you’ll oftentimes find in older homes has „paid it’s dues“ and is cheaper to buy in that older home. You’ll find decorating with these details to be a treat as they’re visually interesting and beautiful.

4. Cheaper To Buy Upfront- Older homes can be cheaper to buy up front for the same square footage in the same area. This has a lot to do with the labor costs that go into a new construction. You’re paying people’s wages when you buy those homes whereas you’re just buying the value of the property from a seller of an older home.

5. Established Neighbourhoods- Older homes are in older neighbourhoods and this can mean beautiful shade providing mature trees, grass covered yards, parks and more. Drive through an older neighbourhood and you’ll see the benefits with mature landscaping and variety of people living there.

6. Remodelling Potential- Because the homes are often cheaper, the lots normally bigger, and the homes not as close together, there’s normally a lot of room to remodel an older home. Go ahead and pair that with #2 and you’re in it to win it, right?

7. Energy Efficiency- Yes! Shockingly, I’m going to tell you that buying an older home can benefit your bank account. Smaller homes are less expensive to heat and cool. As long as you have or upgrade existing insulating features, the smaller rooms and lower ceilings are going to be noticeably cheaper to keep comfortable. And on the other end of things, older homes were not equipped with modern cooling and heating so they were built with features that kept it cooler (without electricity, yay lower electricity bills!)

8. Problems already Discovered & Addressed- Provided previous owners weren’t total D-bags, any problems that have risen from the homes construction will have already been addressed. Things like settling have likely already occurred (true story- my parent’s bought new construction and they have huge patches around the doorways of one side of their house from where they had cracks fixed from the new house settling).

9. Variety in Choices/Styles/Designs/Layouts- When you buy from a builder, you get options. These options are uniform in choice with all the other homes the builder is selling. When you buy in an older neighbourhood, you get variety in styles, choices, and finishes to choose from.

10. Location- Older homes are normally located closer to desirable parts of the city. My older home is located near the beach, other older homes in our city are located in beautiful neighbourhoods right next to downtown. The newer construction homes are normally built on old acreage full of trees and are pretty out of the way (and if you want to be out of the way, charming old farmhouses are normally out there!)

11. Quicker Move In- It makes sense that a house already built would be quicker to move into than one that doesn’t exist yet, right?

For More Information – Mantri Developers

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2 Step Process – Phone Systems Buyer Guide

Part 1 – Your Business Requirements

These first couple questions concentrate on your business requirements. Then we’ll jump more into the technology requirements, your office’s infrastructure, and finally your personal preferences.

How important are the calls to your business?

I’m going to break this question down into two parts:

1) How important is call completion to your business? and

2) Are your calls highly perishable?

When I say call completion, I mean, how important is it for an incoming call to be answered by a live human being for most, if not all, of your calls? Let’s say you’re in the office kitchen, prepping a bagel, and your desk phone begins ringing. Is it of utmost importance that you answer it? Or can it go to voice mail and you’ll deal with it later?

If you answer, „I need to answer that,“ then call completion is very important to you. There are a number of ways to accomplish call completion in the above scenario, and I don’t want to hit on all of them here, because I’ll end up confusing you.

But here are two possible solutions:

A) Have your phone system automatically page over all phones, including the phone in your office kitchen, „Call for John.“

B) Wear a headset that will beep in your ear when your desk phone is ringing; then you can pick up the call through your Bluetooth earpiece.

Are your calls highly perishable? A classic example of this would be a real-estate company. You want to make sure that someone is available to pick up from any phone on every incoming call. If you miss that call, that antsy, prospective home buyer is going to call some other agency. This is a case where calls are highly perishable.

In contrast, a huge company like Microsoft has completely non-perishable calls. If you need support for Windows 7, you’ll call their support line and sit on hold for 2 hours. Why? Well, who else are you going to call? Apple?

I hope by now you understand why this is an important question, and hopefully you have an answer. So you begin wondering, how does this apply to the purchase I’m about to make?

Don’t stress too much on the end result quite yet. Just make a note to yourself of your answer. Some phone systems can better handle call completion. When we dive deeper into desirable phone system features, you’ll find that these preliminary questions play a big role.

Part 2 – Business Requirements Continued

I’m going to ask you two important questions in this section. After which we should have a good grasp on what your general business requirements are. Then we can proceed, like I mentioned in the previous part, into your technology requirements.

What is the perception you want to convey to your customers?

In other words, what image do you want your customers to have of your business?

We at Telco Depot always suggest you have a live person answer. This method is friendly, open, and warm. Most businesses today thrive on the human element – you build a rapport with your customers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the tiny little business that wants to appear giant. You can use an automated attendant to accomplish this. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, automated attendant, what I mean is when a person calls they hear, „Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for accounts receivable, and 4 for public relations.“ This can give the appearance of a larger company. But we don’t suggest this method, because most people can see right through it.

How big is your business?

There are three parts to this question.

Firstly, how many physical lines do you have coming in currently? If you’ve already decided on VoIP over standard phone service, then make a note of how many proxies you have coming in, and how many VoIP lines are you going to have with your provider? (Please read our guide to VoIP for further information.)

Secondly, how many phones are you going to need? Start with the number of users/employees you currently have. You may want to also add a phone for your conference room, office kitchen, warehouse, etc.

Lastly, what kind of growth are you expecting in your company? Ask yourself what is a realistic expectation for 6 months out? And 3 years out? But don’t go beyond three years. The typical lifespan of a phone system is five to seven years. Why? There are a couple reasons, tied to technological changes, and phone system depreciation.

Along the same lines, don’t try to plan for company growth in the extreme. You’ll have a difficult time finding a phone system that will efficiently accommodate a growth from 10 to 10,000 users.

What you should consider is if you’ll be adding any additional incoming lines. Make sure your phone system can expand easily. Similarly, if you plan on adding 10, 20, 50, or even 100 additional phones, is the phone system limited by the number of phone stations it can handle?

If you are expecting this kind of growth, plan on spending more upfront for your purchase. This way, when it comes time to expand, your overall costs are much, much lower.

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Best Way to Find Foreclosures – 5 Tips for Finding Foreclosures

Are you looking for foreclosures in your area? Conditions in various seller’s markets may be different but there are still ways in which you can easily find foreclosed homes for your ownership.

Tap the services of real estate agents. Real estate agents are given access to a system which is known as MLS or Multiple Listing Service. It is through this system that the agents are able to find foreclosed homes in a specific area. Thus, tapping such professional is one way to find a foreclosure.

Scout for real estate yard signs. Banks are still into the practice of putting yard signs into properties that have come back to their stables of possessions. There are variations of these signs but aside from foreclosure, included among the most common signs are bank-owned, bank repossessed, and bank repo. Typically, the real estate agent’s name is reflected on the sign. Take the opportunity to call whoever is written on the sign. with advanced thinking, you can already ask about forthcoming foreclosures in your area.

Join social media groups geared towards foreclosure buy and sell. Social media has become habitat to a variety of groups with different purposes and goals. Foreclosure groups are no different. They have thrived and lived on social media. If you are savvy enough, you will be lucky to find some groups over Facebook. Join them. You’ll not only find foreclosures in your area. You will also be up for learning from the experiences, tips, and suggestions that will be shared by other members.

Visit real estate websites. Apart from the real estate agents themselves, a lot of real estate firms maintain official websites. There are firms which concentrate on foreclosures. There are also those which offer the buying and selling of mixed properties along with foreclosures. Either kind, you can browse through their listings and filter those properties that are already foreclosed or those that are nearing repossession.

Make your own ads. Digital marketing, aside from being free, is powerful in terms of the number of reach it can have. A single post can reach multiple sellers. Utilize your social media accounts for free posts that you are looking for a foreclosed property to buy. Just patiently wait for responses, and you’ll be more than happy to see that there are indeed a number of persons who are willing to negotiate for their foreclosed homes.

Foreclosed properties are just near your place. By finding them and giving good offers, you are not only taking a step towards buying a dream house or an investment property. You are also making someone benefit from the amount that will be granted when deal is closed.

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Real Estate Statistics Explained

Basic Real Estate Statistics Explained

We are going to define some of the basic real estate statistics that get thrown around on a regular basis. To do that, we will use one real estate market, located in Hood County Texas. Even more granular, we will use the single family numbers for homes in Granbury Tx, a small town of approximately 8,000 residents which has seen substantial real estate growth in the past 12 months. It is important when reviewing real estate statistics to use a group of numbers large enough for consistency, but granular enough to tell your story.

The statistics that we will be referencing are true and accurate for the year discussed but are being used to define the real estate statistic itself.

We have chosen Granbury Tx as our example because the growth of the local real estate market there make the statics stand out.

Anytime you are evaluating statistics, especially in real estate, the source of the numbers are extremely important. In most instances, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provides the most accurate numbers when referring to real estate. This is because they have all listings by all local real estate brokers in their database. For the sake of explanation of the data, we will be looking at the numbers for home sales in Granbury Tx, directly from the MLS. These numbers are meant to give an example of how to read the statistics themselves. Anytime you evaluate real estate numbers, its important to pay close attention to how the numbers are gathered. In this instance, we will be using ONLY single family properties in the city of Granbury.

Basic Real Estate Statistics

  • Number of Sales – This one is pretty self explanatory. It is simply the number of single family homes sold in a particular month. In January of 2015, they had 51 single family homes sold. One thing to pay attention to when looking at this statistic is are they using the Under Contract date or the day the property actually went to closing. These two dates are usually between 30 and 60 days apart, so its critical that you know which one is being referenced. In addition, many of the homes that get calculated, if you are using the „under contract“ number may not actually close! In our example, we are using the number of homes that actually closed. In January of 2016 they had an increase of over 49% which brought the total to 77 from 51. Growth of that level is very seldom ever seen.
  • Sales Volume – Sales Volume is simply the total amount of dollars spent on single family housing within that month. Once again, when reviewing this statistic, its important to keep the property types consistent. If you are comparing two areas to see which one has grown more and you include vacant land in the number for one area, you must include it in the other too. As previously mentioned, our examples only include single family properties. With Number of Sales looking at the units, you would expect the Sales Volume to go up appropriately, but in this instance, it went up even more than the units (by percentage). The total Sales Volume of single family homes in Granbury in January of 2016 was $15,191,500 as opposed to the January of 2015 number of $9,281,915. That is an increase of over 63%. Because the Sales Volume went up at a larger rate than the number of units, this reflects the average home sale being much larger in 2016 than 2015.
  • Months of Inventory – This is a commonly referred to statistic when examining a real estate market. This statistic refers to at the current rate of sales, how long will it take to sell through the existing level of inventory. This reflects the supply and demand for the market. In our example, in January of 2015 the level of inventory was 9 months and in January of 2016 it had dropped to 6 months. That is a 33% drop in available inventory! This means if you are looking to buy a home in Granbury Tx, it will be a little tougher in 2016 as there is less inventory available to buy.
  • Median Days To Sell – This stat simply refers to how long it takes for single family properties to be put under contract. Don’t let the „to sell“ confuse you. To accurately show the demand for active homes, you really want to track how long it takes to go „under contract“. The process of acquiring final lender approval, insurance and getting to a closing can vary on a variety of factors. In January of 2015, the Median Days to Sell was 88. That number dropped by over 30% to 61. Once again, this tells you if you are looking for homes in Granbury TX, you better get your offers in quickly as the most desirable homes are going fast!
  • Average Price – This statistic can be derived in a variety of ways. We are going to use it in its most raw form and simply be the Average Price of Homes Sold within that month. Be careful when looking at this statistic printed anywhere as how the user defines the date sold can vary. Needless to say, Average Price can be used for active homes for sale or for the homes that sold. The Average Price of ACTIVE homes for sale is generally a pretty useless number as you can list a home for any price, without any possibility of it ever selling. Many homes listed for sale are at unrealistic prices thus the Average Price of Active homes for sale can fluctuate dramatically and give little insight into the market. You will want to look at the Average Price of SOLD homes. In January of 2015, the Average Home Sale was $181,998 and it jumped to $199,888 in the same month in 2016. This is an increase of almost 10%. This is not a number that truly tells the increase in home values across the board, but simply of the homes sold in that month, what the average was.
  • Median Price – The Average Home Sales Price can be skewed by a variety of factors. All it takes is one 5 million dollar home sale to throw those numbers off. To get a better view of the overall increase in value, it can be better to look at the Median Sales Price. Median Sales Price takes the number that is perfectly in the middle. For instance, if you have 11 homes that you are using in your statistic, you would take the sales price of the 6th one. This leaves 5 homes sold higher and 5 homes sold lower. In this instance, they are pretty close as the Median Sales Price increase from January 2015 to 2016 was 9.69%. This shows that we didn’t have the Average Price skewed too much because of an extremely large or extremely small sale.

There are hundreds of ways to look at the same numbers, when referencing to real estate, so be very careful to read the fine print on exactly what numbers they are using. When making comparisons, you will want to make absolutely sure that both are referencing the same property types, dates etc. It like the old saying says… there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

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The Benefits to Buying a Condo

One of the many benefits you will find when you choose condos for sale over other properties is that you don’t have to worry about any exterior maintenance. When buying family home, you need to keep a budget aside for those unexpected external emergencies, such as a damaged roof, a tree that falls down in your garden or even your exterior walls being damaged. When buying a condo, because it is a complex, the Homeowners Association will be responsible for handling all exterior work, so you can enjoy your home now and in the future with complete confidence.

Another major benefit to condos for sale is security. These days you want to keep your home and your family safe and secure. Having added security is a major benefit to provide you with complete peace of mind, which provides you with the convenience of a lock up and go property. You can lock your front door and head off for a week or two knowing that everything will remain safe indoors and you don’t have to worry that someone may try break in while you are away.

Of course condominiums come with the added benefit of a host of amenities and facilities. The majority of these complexes will offer you the convenience of a lock up and go property with a communal swimming pool and maybe even a fitness center, depending on the complex. Some will come with laundry. With these added amenities you can enjoy all the conveniences of a home while having your own space which is modern, luxurious and finished to the highest quality.

Condos for sale are in the affordable price range. They are more expensive than an apartment, but they are usually on a par with a single family home, depending on where you buy and the area. Of course location is essential and if you are looking for luxury and convenience in a prestigious area, then you will find that condos for sale work out cheaper than the homes in the surrounding area. This helps you get your foot onto the property ladder in an exclusive area, offering you a good return on your investment in the long run.

Outside spaces will be cleaned for you, the pool will be maintained and the equipment in the fitness center will be up and operational at all times. If the building has an elevator, that will be regularly serviced. These are all things you don’t need to worry about, you can furnish your condo, move in and start enjoying condo life without delay.

Of course when there are benefits, there are always a few disadvantages and the same applies to all condos for sale. This is why if you are looking for property to purchase and you are considering a condominium, you may want to weigh up the pros and cons of all the property options within your budget to identify if this is the right choice for you moving forward.

One of the disadvantages to buying a condo for sale is that you have strict rules to abide by. The Homeowners Association will put rules in place that all the units must follow. The reason for this is to make living in the complex more enjoyable for everyone.

The second disadvantage is that you will have to pay Homeowners Association fees, which are in place to pay for all the exterior and daily maintenance of the complex, so your condo is always somewhere enjoyable to live now and in the future.

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How Staging Helps To Sell A House?: 4 Basic Options

Many homeowners, learn from their real estate agents, and opt to take advantage of some of the principles of staging their home, in order to enhance the potential and possibilities of achieving the finest, possible results, in terms of selling their houses, for the best possible price, in the minimum period of time! We refer to staging, as a process, which improves, how, potential buyers, might perceive the specific home, in a positive way. In light of that, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 basic options/ alternatives, for getting this done, effectively, and productively.

1. De – clutter, and touch – up, limited areas: In some instances, it only takes a little, well – considered, tweaking, to achieve the intended objectives. Before beginning to show the house, reduce the amount of clutter, significantly, remove excessive furniture and furnishings (put into storage, or dispose of), and proceed, to, touch – up, largely viewed areas (many people, can do this, themselves). When a house looks neater and cleaner, and distractions, and negatives, are removed, and/ or, addressed, it usually translates to better showings, and more, qualified buyer, interest, and, hopefully, meaningful offers!

2. Do – it – yourself (DIY) staging: Depending on the size, price, niche market, etc, it may be possible, to do – it – yourself! This DIY staging process, includes, reducing the amount of furniture, and fixtures, especially, any, which seem to show, wear – and – tear, or don’t enhance the overall appearance of the house. This should include: paying attention to curb appeal; reducing/ addressing any unwanted odors, and/ or, eye – sores; touch – up painting, cleaning fixtures, and adjusting lighting, and overall esthetics, etc.

3. Hire professional stager: Sometimes, it is necessary to hire a recommended, quality, professional home – stager! This process, often, includes: removing, existing furniture/ fixtures, and replacing them, with loaner items; enhancing strengths, and addressing areas of weakness, etc. However, because this is often, costly, to do, if you choose, a quality approach, the price range, and niche of the property, are relevant factors, whether this is an advisable approach, for you!

4. Study and understand some of the basics: It makes sense for homeowners, deciding to sell their homes, to thoroughly, study, and better understand, some of the essentials, and basics, which will add value to the transaction, and process! For example, to show a smaller room, such as a dining room, better, it often makes sense, to use taller furniture, and bigger fixtures, hanging from the ceilings. Understand, how lighting factors – in, as well, as where to highlight, and how to minimize attention, to some locations, Where some touch – up painting, curb appeal, etc, may be beneficial, are key considerations!

Become a smarter home seller, by understanding, and taking advantage of the relevant, applicable aspect of staging, for your specific house. Doesn’t that make sense?

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What Are The Right Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Property?

Real Estate is always a great investment option. While you may have heard stories of quick resale garnering a much higher price making it to the news, rental income form the core of real estate investment value. That’s because historically there has been very little real price appreciation in houses. Renting generates a steady monthly income, like a classic dividend-paying utility stock. If your property appreciates in value then that should be only seen as an additional bonus to your constant income stream. But making a real estate investment into a residential or commercial property isn’t equivalent to a low cost index fund.Carpet Area – Most project only declare the super built-up area that means that you will be charged for a square-footage that you never use including thickness of walls and certain common areas. Carpet area is the true area in which you will be living so its important to understand how much the carpet area for the space is. As per RERA builders cannot charge you a square foot rate based on the super built-up area anymore. They need to charge you only as per the carpet area hence it is important that you get a clear picture about that.

Quality of Construction – If the builder has previous projects that are completed then inquire with past buyers about the quality of construction. You should also check the tiles quality and the brand of bathroom fittings that they will be using for your project. If he is using third-party contractors for construction, then you need to check on the market reputation of these contractors about quality of construction.

Other Costs – Generally the price is quoted as square foot rate and this doesn’t include GST, registration charges, club house registration and any other fees that might not be included in the builder quoted price. GST has affected the cost of projects so its better to check the final price inclusive of all these charges before making a decision.

Check for Completion or Occupancy Certificates – If you are buying a completed project them demand to see the Completion Certificate before making your purchase. You can also check if all permissions from Municipal authorities have been obtained.

Litigation Issues – If you are buying from a single owner or resale properties, then make a check if there is any litigation or dispute about the property. Even a builder should be able to provide you with the agreements with land owners and clear papers that show that there is not pending litigations on the property.

Lastly, every builder has a separate payment plan. To plan your payments and if you need adequate time to apply for a loan, ensure that you get a detailed payment plan from the builder so that you manage your finances smartly.,

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Should You Rent or Buy a Home Water Cooler?

Do you want to have a water cooler in your home, giving you a chance to enjoy cold and fresh water, whenever you feel thirsty? Then there are two viable options for you – rent or buy.

Homeowners tend to opt for renting. The service includes the delivery of bottles and the sanitation of the equipment. But is rental really the most financially savvy option?

Rental is connected to a monthly charge. This fee includes maintenance and some repairs, as well. These additional services are viewed as a great convenience, which is probably why some people prefer renting.

Long-term decisions, however, especially ones that incorporate lifestyle changes favour the purchase of a water cooler for household use.

Buying a unit for your home is connected to numerous benefits that include drinking more water and saving on the purchase of bottled water from the local supermarket and also an overall healthy lifestyle mind-set.

Purchase, Maintenance and Repairs

Rental does come with the added benefit of maintenance and repairs that are included in the monthly fee. But what are the benefits, if the home water cooler is purchased?

For one, the supply company could provide proper installation and maintenance even after you buy the equipment, so you’re never left out on a limb. Having a water cooler you’ve bought also gives you more freedom when it comes to choosing the sanitation and maintenance procedures.

The product is usually delivered with a comprehensive installation guide. Additionally, websites nowadays provide more than sufficient information about sanitation and proper maintenance. But if you have no interest in doing the maintenance yourself, you can always choose a qualified technician.

Getting Refill Bottles

Most suppliers will also be offering bottle refill services. In fact, most suppliers insist on supplying bottles for the maintenance agreement to remain valid. However, owners of home water coolers who’ve purchased outright can get their bottles from an alternative supplier, that they choose.

All water coolers have universal fitting anyway, which means that the most common and popular water bottle brands will be suitable for the equipment.

Extra Tips:

Read the small print

When choosing a bottle refill supplier, take a close look at the contract to make sure that you are getting the best possible conditions without an overly long-term commitment.

Find a local supplier

Going for a local company is always the best and the most affordable possibility. Compare different options and figure out whether getting the bottles from the supplier is the most beneficial option.

Most suppliers deliver additional services, which means you will be free from worrying about maintenance and sanitation and just be able to enjoy a steady supply of drinking water in your home to complement a healthy lifestyle.

When deciding whether to rent or to buy, you will have to think about the time period in which you will need to use the piece. But buying your own equipment will always be the better investment over the long term for a homeowner.

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