What Is A Drill Press?

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A drill press is a pretty standard tool that you’ll see in almost any serious mechanic or woodworking shop. Although this particular piece of equipment has evolved quite a bit over the years to include different size motors and specifications, the same over all concepts have remained the same. It is basically a drill that is attached to a fixed surface like a stand or a workbench. Usually there is a set of handles attached to the head that you rotate to raise or lower the drill bit as you are drilling. This type of press also has it’s own table that the drilling material attaches to. While similar to a hand drill, a drill press has several advantages.The prime example being that it is more accurate than a hand drill because it’s position is fixed. Usually the drill press motor is bigger than a hand held drill so it’s more powerful and efficient. Finally less effort is needed to drill through something because of the lever system used to raise and lower the drill head.

A drill press can be used for a lot of different things. However one thing is always obvious. It’s used to drill holes. That being said, the material you’re drilling holes in can vary widely. It could be wood, brick, glass, metal, or even tile. Different bits are generally needed for each different surface.

Quite a few different people can use this equipment. For example, a wood worker, a mechanic, and a carpenter might all need a drill press at some point. Any person that needs to drill straight consistent holes in something would benefit from using a drill press. Also if you need to drill a lot of holes over and over again a drill press could be just what you’re looking for. Because you’re able to attach the drilling material to the press, you can be more accurate with the hole placement than you can with a regular hand held drill.

There are several big tool companies that make different types of press. Delta, and Northern Industrial are a couple of those companies. Delta has various models with different motor sizes including the ½ horsepower motor, the ¾ horsepower motor, and of course the 1 horsepower motor. Northern Industrial also has quite a few different models and varying motor speeds. There are a few other notable companies that produce presses such as: Craftsman, Wilton, and Powermatic. However, Delta seems to be one of the most popular.

For any serious tool master, mechanic, or wood worker, a press would be a great tool to add to your must buy list if you don’t own one already. As is evident from the above, there’s practically no end to the potential uses that this piece of equipment offers. Once you use it a couple times you’ll wonder what you ever did before you owned your own drill press.

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