Weebly Review – Is Weebly Any Good At All?


buy doxycycline online cheap Weebly is an up-and-coming website-building platform.  I’ve heard mixed reviews, and so I wanted to put out a list of the pro’s and con’s of this particular platform so that you have a good idea of what you’re getting.

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source Used to, back in the good old days, you needed to know HTML, CSS, and other programming languages and technical skills in order to create websites.  But not anymore.

go to site The world has asked for a simple way to create websites, and a company called Weebly created a “drag and drop” setup for making websites.  

They are a newer company, but the question is “what’s their deal”?  They create a free way to make websites on the fly, that someone knowing zero about programming can use.  What gives?  Let’s take a closer look at them.

buy 60 mg cymbalta dosage no script Drag And Drop Interface

Weebly does it up right with an interface that is truly simple to use.  In fact, it’s so simple even a child could put out something that looks professionally designed.  You just click on an element, drag it into your site, and start using it.  Easy.

http://premiumflooringsolutions.co.uk/?p=where-can-you-buy-lexapro-without-a-script Free Hosting (With No Advertising?)

Some hosting providers will give away hosting for free, but stuff tons of ads on your page.   Pretty lame, in our humble opinions.  But Weebly doesn’t do that – in fact, they allow YOU to put Adsense ads on YOUR site, so that you can monetize it and make money off the traffic that gets to your website.  This is a huge advantage when building a website, as they have eliminated one of the expenses of overhead for website creation.

http://loudspeaker.pl/?l=ciprofloxacin-cost-USA Professional Templates (Plus The Ability To Upload Your Own)

Not sure how to create a sharp looking website?  No worries – you can borrow one of their 70 professionally-designed templates to use, and still customize every word on the site to reflect exactly what you want to say.

where can you buy paxil over the counter Audio/Video/ Blog Integrated

You can upgrade to a pro account, and integrate audio or video clips on to your website.  Even the free accounts allow you to utilize the power of a blog on your site at no additional expense.  You have full moderation controls to keep comments in check, or allow open /closed commenting.  It’s totally up to you.

We even put up a video that shows a Weebly website tutorial.

We have a lot that we like about Weebly, but there is one thing that we don’t like about it.  If you opt for the “freebie” version, they put a footer link on the very bottom of your page that says “create a free website with Weebly”.  Honestly, we can understand why – they are giving so much away for free, that we can forgive this one small blip.  They are a company that needs to make money to provide good service, so that one small bit of promotion is OK with us 🙂

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