Viral Meningitis – Symptoms and Causes

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The condition in which the meninges and cerebrospinal fluid around the brain get inflammed due to an attack by bacteria, viruses or fungii known as meningitis. Due to the closeness of the infection to the brain meningitis can sometimes turn serious and deadly. The seriousness of the infection would be determined by the causative reasons and at what stage the infection is.

Meningitis symptoms are typically characterized by bad headaches, stiff neck, tiredness, vomiting, fever, leg pain, dull skin tone and difficulty in consuming food and drinks.

The infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses or even fungi. The infection is usually caused by viruses, less commonly by bacteria and even less commonly by fungi. The disease is usually serious if it is caused by bacteria as it can turn deadly and necessary treatment should be administered immediately. Bacterial meningitis can be caused by a number of organisms such as neisseria meningitis. streptococcus pneumonial, haemophilus influenza and listeria cytocenes. The bacteria attack the individual by penetrating into the blood stream and ultimately moving towards the brain and spinal cord.

Viral meningitis may be caused by a specific group known as enteroviruses. Other viruses which can cause this disease include herpes simplex virus 2, hiv virus, and mumps virus. Unlike bacterial meningitis, these infections are usually not serious and will resolve within a matter of a few weeks. The symptoms are indicated by skin rash, pain in the joints and bad headaches.

Fungal Meningitis is however less common than the other two. Other types of meningitis such as amoebic, tuberculosis and aseptic meningitis may also be caused by certain organisms.

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