Viral Memetic Infection – The Psychological Stumbling Block of the Paranormal Community


follow url Zeal. Fervor. Blind Faith. Unswerving Belief.

go here These are the symptoms and attributes that denote the ugly side of religion. Religion being that which is a system or enacted operation of ideas that are anchored into one’s psyche and thereby act as a format or basis of day to day functionality in one’s own life. We all have a religion, be it in the accepted wisdom traditions of the world, science, atheism, agnosticism or any structure whereby one has devised a foundation of principles to govern one’s self by.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with a memetic mindset unless the mindset is one of division, polarity or a superiority complex in nature. These tend to be harmful as brother against brother and sister against sister exact a very real and principled physical or mental judgment of cruelty on one another with both sides thinking they are right in their zealotry to reaffirm their beliefs within themselves in a self righteous way. I give you the condition of the world today as an example of this infectious memetic polarity brought about by religious divisiveness in which others suffer at the hands of anothers beliefs.

What I wish to address in this article is viral memetic infection in which an idea spreads like a disease from mind to mind from it’s source or origin that is accepted unquestionably as is with no thought of potential harm to one’s self or another with the other idea that by following, one is doing a greater good. Many cults of infamy such as the Peoples’ Temple of Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate of which I lost a distant family member of mine and the Unification Church are all examples of a mass viral memetic infection.

All it takes is a somewhat educated Alpha Personality with a megalomaniacal ego and a penchant for power to instill a plausible but still askew set of ethics and ideals into the mushy minds of the “lost” or low self esteemed seeker. Does this sound familiar to you? Let’s take away the rituals of obvious religious overtones and change the names of the memetic seed planters who love to find the feeble minded that don’t think for themselves to build a cult of personality upon full of just as much zeal, fervor and unbending faith as any fundamentalist religion and call it UFOlogy.

I think that this is a valid assessment and observation although not a new one. The obviousness of it, however, is more on the nose today than it ever was.

Their are two major infectious memes plaguing the Paranormal Community today and they are easily recognized as the two camps known as the True Believers and the Debunkers leaving the precious few Skeptics scattered haphazardly and thinly throughout the middle somewhere. Both are highly zealous in nature. Both have an unswerving faith in their beliefs that allows them to preconceive an entire notion or decision without reviewing any other possibilities, evidences or processes. The only difference between these viral memes is simply one idea. A belief. Other than that, both seem to be terrified of the prospect of not knowing. They are hellbent to know something even if they have to make it up so as to establish some sort of safety or security net even if that same net is tied to imaginary posts.

There are many cults of personality in the Paranormal Community and it is becoming so accepted as such that the acceptance of these viral memetic infections is yet another submeme of the acceptance itself. It is very subtle and it is rife with myriad nuances and almost imperceptible subconscious beliefs of its own also based on perceptively real fears. It is all a very confused and convoluted mess and each interwoven layer is yet another virulent and infectious meme.

Memes themselves are an oddity in that the highly subjective nature of one’s own perception would almost seem like a fail safe against them as each and every perception is unique with no exception to that rule yet here it is that someone comes up with a compelling idea and subsequently almost without fail, others, not experiencing the originator’s point of view or perception, blindly accept the idea unquestionably and thus are ensnared into following with no more thought to their act of following than a “this guy is right” perception and mentality.

Am I the only one that finds the obviousness of this running rampant throughout the Paranormal Community and UFOlogy in particular? I should hope not but then again, I don’t want you to take my ideas as wrote and start following me or my line of thinking. I have tendencies toward being a hermit and wish no one to be that close to me. I would rather you thought for yourself! It is only because I am personally affected by the invasive thoughts and actions of the self perceived self righteous that I right this at all. It is a selfish indulgence, I know. So be it. My motivation doesn’t take away from the validity of the point being made in any way.

You are alone in all of your perceptions and experiences. Only you can ascertain a direction of action should there be any to take, point being, make sure that you are clearly deciding for yourself and not blindly following the unproven ideals, principles and contructs as outlined by the unclear thinking of another.

The ultimate pointing out and intent of this article is simple. I can’t, nor can anybody else tell you what to think or how to think. This is impossible. Everything that comes into your mind is there because your either A) cipro cost USA Created it, or B) cheap remeron online canadian Allowed it to be put there

You have a choice. All I ask is that you exercise that precious ability of choice. The bottom line is, nobody has any answers for YOU. Nobody has the truth for YOU. Nobody knows something that you don’t because there is nothing to know! Literally!

Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Act for yourself. These are brave and courageous deeds but again these are foul, vicious and heinous times and no less an ethic will assuage the unfounded assertions of a self proclaimed prophet or power monger.

Free thyself for thyself…

Cheers, ~Erik~

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