Viral Marketing Techniques – How to Rake in Huge Amounts of Cash Creating a Viral Mechanism – Part 1

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Ever heard of the virus whether in man or on the computer? The most popular one we all know is the HIV virus which is a very potent virus that can wipe away a 6 ft 5″ man in just 6 months if he isn’t using his drugs. While this seems to be pretty fast, imagine the Ebola virus. If one catches it, he’s dead in just one week; at the most two weeks and you know the thing about Ebola is that it’s incurable. Why does the virus have such ability to wipe away a whole populace within just a few days, it is because of its ability to proliferate rapidly and spread faster than even wildfire.

What does this have to do with marketing online or offline? This is where we are going. Imagine creating these same results but in his case, you are not transmitting a virus. You are spreading word about your report, product or services and it is following the viral mechanism. This is what is known as Viral Marketing. It is a method of marketing that is highly productive as long as you are offering high quality content. Imagine creating a viral mechanism that is unstoppable and keeps spreading like wildfire? You can achieve this if you know what to do and how to go about it. There are a few ways you could easily do this and we’ll start with it in this lesson.

Using a tell-a-friend script. If you have visited any website recently that is constantly updated, you will find that it will have a script on the page that either says “send this to a friend”, “tell a friend about this page”, or “tell a friend about this website and get …”. This is abundant all over the internet. The idea behind this single script is to increase the awareness of a product, website or service all over the internet and in the real world. For example let’s say you found this really nice material on reducing labour pains during birth and has a friend who is pregnant, it is only natural that you would want to send her that material to read. Online, all you have to do is enter her email address and voila she gets it in her inbox. After which you might now call her to either check out the website or her email. If she’s got a group for pregnant women, she could refer them to the site or send the material to them through an email. Now you see what happened. “A” saw the material and liked it and felt “B” who in turn felt 14 people would really like it too and so on and so forth. The bottom line is you have created through one person, a mechanism that grows geometrically or exponentially depending on which angle you are looking at it from.

Using a tell-a-friend script is one of the best ways you can create this effect. To get a very good tell-a-friend script, you can use your search engine to check for some using the keywords “free tell-a-friend scripts”, get a programmer to create a simple script for you for under $100 or Mike filsaime’s Viral friend Generator which can be found at

Remember today’s lesson: Create a viral mechanism using tell-a-friend scripts.

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