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http://wangka.com.au/?w=buy-ampicillin-online-Paris This is summary for site Diet Plan stucture tips to get search engine friendly…

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best pill for seasonal affective disorder 1 Choose a domain name related to your business.

can I take amoxil with thyroid medication 2 Do not create domain name with accented characters.

http://walk-me.co.uk/?w=antidepressant-medication-that-helps-you-lose-weight 3 Block your domain name buying all generic extensions possible + that of your country in order to prevent a competitor addresses your image.

4 Combine preferably a domain name per site.

5 Choose a domain name related to your business.

6 Create URL Rewriteable (Google friendly) to increase your relevance in search engines. (more info)

7 If you can not use the URL rewriting, then avoid exotic URLs by more than 2 parameters.

8 the URL must not contain more than 70 characters to be taken into account by search engines.

9 links Get referrals to increase your popularity index (pagerank)

10 It is better to have few sites with high pagerank to your site, rather than having lots of small sites with a pagerank point to yours.

11 Make sure to validate your site to DMOZ.

12 If your site meets W3C (CSS included), send the url of it to showcase sites (css showcase, cssmania, …) to get referral links.

watch In-heads

1 Create a different title and relevant page (100 characters max)

2 Create a description with sentences rather than keywords (200 characters max)

3 The title and description should be different on each page or you will get an effect of “duplicate content”.

4 Although it is hardly used, use the tag META_KEYWORDS (max 1000 characters)

5 Avoid repetition of words in the title and description (max 2 to 3 repetitions).

6 Do not write in all capital especially in the title of the page

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1 Use the HTML tags to highlight the titles and subtitles.

2 Use the H1 tags for the main title.

3 use the H2 tags for the secondary.

4 tags H3, H4, H5, … have much less importance, but are appreciated by Google for the identification of the most important words.

5 Put in bold the keywords important to your site.

6 Arrange to content that appear first before any other element of your web page.

7 Make trial without CSS to be able to test at what point google access content (see what google sees)

8 Follow the W3C (more info)

9 Remember the title tag for links and the ALT tag for images.

10 Avoid text and image content generated by javascript, because it can not be indexed by Google. Also avoid 11 menus in Javascript, Ajax and company, search engines can not access it.

12 Avoid flash sites or sites with little content (more content the better).

13 Check to always convert special characters into HTML characters such as “é” é become

14 Be sure to set the styles and javascript in the tag . Otherwise, include your javascript code like this: <!– – My javascript code () //–> Avoid frames 15 and use tables to create your site. You turn to the Web 2.0 🙂

http://wangka.com.au/page/2/?w=bactrim-prices-Canada Content

1 Avoid duplicate content (more info)

2 Do not copy and paste content from another site, if an item you want, turn completely paragraphs.

3 Create content-rich pages (minimum 300 words)

4 Have a good density of keywords. The keywords are the most important highlight being still less than 10% of the entire contents of a page for a listing.

5 Avoid links style. read more atDiet Plan


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