Traffic Evolution Reviews – Do not Buy Traffic Evolution Before You Read This

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Need Traffic badly? This post is a Traffic Evolution Reviews, a new product by Jonathan Mizel and Jayson Shawler.

Due to the recent ban by Google on many AdWords accounts promoting CPA offers, many affiliates lost most of their income as a result of this. Many are searching for alternative traffic sources and this is what Traffic Evolution offers.

According to Jonathan Mizel, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN; Article directories like,; Free classified ads, social media like Digg, are not the only main sources of traffic that you can get.

In fact, if you have been spending time on these traffic generators, you could be doing hard work most of the time while getting trickle of traffic to your websites, and not forgetting the "Google slaps", the huge amount of money spend per click On Google AdWords and your competitors stealing your articles.

What Traffic Evolution can do for you is to guide you on how to generate huge amount of traffic to your website at the cost of pennies. The way to do this is to buy non-Google traffic sources like banner, text ads, emailers, CPV providers from second tier search engines like,,, and

In one of Johnathan live interviews, he actually got 4% opt-in rates while speaking, and the CPV, cost per visitor is only 1.5 cents!

While second tier search engines is an excellent source of driving cheap and responsive traffic to your website, you still have to test your headlines, landing page copywriting and all the basic elements of internet marketing.

At a price of $ 197, I will not recommend Traffic Evolution for newbies, especially if you have not made a single sale online yet. If you are new and do not know where to start, you might like to checkout my FREE eBook below.

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