Traffic Building – Several Fresh Ideas for Traffic Building

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Traffic building is one of the things you have to do to make your web site profitable. You simply have to have traffic for your web site to make you money and become profitable.

There are so many ways to build traffic online, and some of them are downright bad. Perhaps you have tried some of them. You know that they do not work, and yet you continue to try to make them work. What if you knew of some specific ways that you could boost your traffic, that are not exactly mainstream. Now you may be familiar with some of these, maybe you have read an article on some of these, but are you using them? Have you tried them?

I encourage you to try one of each of these following methods of generating traffic online in each of the 5 following weeks. You may discover that you are getting a lot of fresh traffic, that may be more responsive than some of your current traffic sources.

1) Article writing and submission. This is quite powerful – and the people who come to your web site are already prequalified after they read one of your articles.

2) Writing and submitting press releases. This can also be powerful, and again allow you to reach a market not traditionally bombarded with online sales messages.

3) Offline advertising. This may also surprise you, but the nice thing about offline advertising is that the people responding to these ads often have lighter email inboxes and there might spend more with you – you are not competitive with every other site they signed up with online.

4) Your own autoresponder list. Yes! Now I know that this looks circular, but some of your best buyers are those on your list – so in addition to your new traffic, send out more emails to your list. Track response rates and you should soon see that this will add to your bottom line!

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