The Process of Creating a Website


go There are many reasons to build a website. Maybe you want to promote a product, or your business, or just give the general public information about a certain subject. No matter what your reason there are steps you need to take to getting you website online. Most people do not know you need to buy a domain, get hosting and design a site. It is not as easy as getting a template and plugging it online. The first and most important step is buying a domain name. Depending on your reason for setting up a website this is a vital step to building a website. If you are hiring to drive in a lot of traffic from search engine results you need to carefully pick a domain. There are some arguments on how search results are conducted but the research shows the domain name can have effect on where your website pulls up on the rankings. Of course other factor weigh in as well, such as, link backs, content, images, keywords, keyword density and meta information. But picking a domain that contains or is the main keyword of your business really helps. For example, if your website is about Widget ABC and your domain is you have a better chance of coming up in the search engine than someone selling WidgetABC's but has a domain of Pick your domain name carefully but after you pick your domain you are ready to move onto hosting. Picking hosting can be pretty tricky as well. Depending on how much traffic you get you may need your own servers. Most people will need basic hosting and can find a good company by doing a Google search for affordable hosting and looking at reviews. Once you find a host you need to change the namesevers of your domain to reflect that of you hosting. If you bought the domain and hosting from the same company you may not have to worry about changing the name servers they probably have done that for you already.

click here Now that you have your hosting and domain name chosen you need to begin building. Most host companies will come with a website builder, if they do not you can always use Frontpage or Dreamweaver. You can find templates online as well. If you can not find a template you like or want a custom design you can either build it yourself using html, css, flash, php, or other languages ​​but you also have the option of outsourcing it to other web designers. You can also view tutorials online or buy a book from your local book store if you run into a problem.

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