The Importance of Three Types of Web Site Traffic

\"Kostenlose There are three main types of web site traffic a webmaster will come by. Each is just as important as the others, and in order to run a successful internet business, all three probably should be utilized. Webmasters often have one track minds in which they tend to spend too much time on certain traffic source, while they should be diversifying those sources. Now onto the 3 Main sources of traffic: see url #1 Free Traffic Via Search Engine Optimization

follow site The best traffic is the free traffic. If you can get 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of incredibly targeted traffic per day, you’d jump on it right? Well its possible if you are good at SEO. There are many ways to make your site’s pages rank highly for given keywords in search engines like Google. If done correctly, your work could be worth tens of thousands of dollars depending on what each visitor converts into money wise. If you haven’t learned about search engine optimization, now is a great time. #2 Paid Web Site Traffic

price of lexapro 5mg anxiety General Traffic can be bought cheaply, but targeted traffic can be expensive if you are targeting a niche with a lot of competition. Google AdWords is a great way to purchase incredible targeted traffic, or you can use a variety of other sources. The key to buying traffic, is to do small tests on how well the traffic source converts before going all in.

go here #3 Repeat Traffic

Once you get traffic to your site you want to keep them coming back. To do this you need something that will bring them back over and over. If a person goes to your site several times per week they will be much more likely to buy the products you are recommending or offering. Ways to increase repeat traffic is through interesting blog posts, forums, or constantly changing your sites content.

My suggestion is to start with SEO, making sure your site is set up to cater to repeat visitors. Once this is done and you have an idea about traffic conversion rates, start buying traffic in small quantities.


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