The History of Telephone Directories


azithromycin 250mg price UK When you need to find someone's phone number, one of the first places you probably look is your local white pages or yellow pages – The telephone directory. Commonly known as a phone book, these books, which are also available online, can be very helpful when you want to track a person or business down.

follow link Even though it may seem that telephone directories have only existed for the past 50 years or so, the truth is that they have been in existence for over 120 years! Although the first directory, which was published in Connecticut in 1878, was extremely smaller than the directories that exist today, it was the beginning of what would one day become a standard service offered by the vast majority of phone companies all over the world.

see url Currently, there are different phone directories that exist. These directories are color coded to help phone consumers know where they can find the people, businesses, organization, etc., they are looking for. Basically, the directories include the following:

amoxil buy 500mg online Residential listings – White pages

go here Business Directory – Yellow pages Reverse telephone directory – Gray pages (phone numbers are listed first instead of alphabetical name name listings as in the white pages) Government agencies – Blue or Green pages

source Aside from finding phone numbers, names, and addresses in the phone book, telephone directories may also provide: / instructions on how the local telephone service within an area functions

Important numbers for emergency services (IE police, fire, ambulance), organization who can give suppose during times of personal crisis (IE poison control), hospitals, doctors, utilities

– Transit maps

– Postal code guides


– Etc.

One of the great aspects about today's telephone directories is that they are accessible electronically and can be found online. Therefore, instead of only finding out the names and numbers of phone owners within your local area, you can now discover this information with listed phone consumers all over North America. So, you can use both an online forward search and a reverse cell phone lookup [] to find the information you need on numbers published in the telephone directory.


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