Submitting Press Releases to Sell Affiliate Products

Many assume that press releases are only a method used by business owners to bring media attention to their products or companies. This is quite true, however, press releases can also be a great way to sell affiliate products or a product that you own.  Press releases tend to do very well in the search engines and they provide valuable back links to your website.  In this case, you’re not writing your press release for the media but rather for the average reader.

Press releases, when submitted to the right companies such as PR Web, will give you tons of action in the search engines.  This is because they have developed certain technologies that make their press releases very search engine friendly.

Another advantage is that you will have individuals and companies other than news reporters or media outlets, picking up your press release and placing it on their website.  Subsequently, not only will you get back links to your press release but webmasters also publish them. This means that you are able to benefit from hundreds or even thousands of people reading your press release absolutely free.

When a company or an individual prints your press release on their website, you are automatically getting an endorsement and being exposed to a targeted market. All you had to do was create and submit your press release.

In order for your press release to be successful, there are a number of things that you must include.  You will need to include the keyword or keyword phrase that you are targeting in the headline of your press release. You will also want to include it several times throughout the release. You obviously need to add links to your website also.

It is important to remember that press releases are not simply articles or advertisements. You do need to spend some time and learn how to write a quality press release.  In order for your press release to be accepted by the top press release sites it has to be of high quality. You can’t just slap anything together, submit it and expect to receive results. On certain press release websites, you must receive a certain quality score before you get full distribution of your press release. Therefore, you will have to work very hard to ensure your press release is newsworthy and well written.  If you cannot do this yourself, you may want to outsource this task to someone else.

Your better press release websites are not free.  Typically, you will need to pay at least a small fee to get a good amount of distribution and to ensure that your website link is hyperlinked (clickable).

Releases are a fantastic way to sell affiliate products or even a product of your own.  If you give them a try, you may be surprised at the amount of back links that you can quickly generate and also how well your press release and website does in the search engines. It is important to note that this is only true if you choose keywords or keyword phrases that are not ultracompetitive. 

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Source by Scott Brooks

AutoIt: How to copy a file’s contents and paste using the clipboard

In this tutorial I show how to quickly copy and paste large amounts of text into fields of a form after retrieving the data from a database table. This is a recent problem that I wished to resolve since simply sending the variable’s contents into a field takes time if you use the Send() and the contents of the variable contains a large amount of text. Just for your information, to use the Send() with a variable is used as follows:

send($variable, 1)

You need the second parameter (i.e. Flag) ‘1’ in the function. The flag ‘1’ means data is sent raw. The default is ‘0’ which is defined as “Text contains special characters like + and ! To indicate SHIFT and ALT key-presses”.

AutoIt: ClipPut(), Placing Contents to Clipboard

However, this really is not the most efficient method to send large bodies of text to, say, notepad or to a form’s fields. Once you retrieve your data and place this data in a variable then all you need to do is the following:

Func printOutput2()
Local $fTest
$fTest = ClipPut($outputArrayRS[0][2]) ;get value of table’s field by index number
WinWaitActive(“Untitled – Notepad”)

The ClipPut function places the text within your clipboard. Then all you need to do is Send() the keys Control+v as:


AutoIt: ClipGet(), Get Contents of Clipboard

I attempted to use the ClipGet function; however, this didn’t work for me. ClipGet function does return the value when usiing the MsgBox function. So with MsgBox() this works:

Func printOutput2()
Local $fTest
$fTest = ClipPut($outputArrayRS[0][2]) ;get value of table’s field by index number
MsgBox(0, “test2”, ClipGet())

Now to execute the function all you need to type is:


AutoIt: Copy File as in Explorer

If you wish to copy a file as you would in Explorer then use the FileCopy function:

FileCopy(“C:file_to_copy.txt”, “D:mydirfile_to_copy.txt”)

The format to use this function is:

FileCopy ( “source”, “dest” [, flag] )

There are a few flags that you can use with the FileCopy function:

[optional] this flag is a combination or one of the following:
0 = (default) do not overwrite existing files
1 = overwrite existing files
8 = Create destination directory structure if it doesn’t exist.

If you wish to combine the flags then add the values together. In other words, if you wish to overwrite an exiting file in the destination and check if the destination directory exists or not and if it does not then create the directory, then would use ‘9’ as the flag.

So the flag would be used as:

FileCopy(“C:file_to_copy.txt”, “D:mydirfile_to_copy.txt”, 9)

You can use wildcards in copying files such as ‘*’ which denotes zero  or more characters and ‘?’ which denotes zero or one character. So if you wished to copy all files in the temp directory (i.e. C:temp) and then copy them to another directory you would use the following code:

FileCopy(“C:temp*.*”, “D:mydir”)

Note that you cannot have have more than one wildcard in the filename and extension. So this will NOT work:

FileCopy(“C:tempd*g?.*”, “D:mydir”)

You would need to use regular expressions to accomplish this more complex task.

Another note that applies specifically the extension is matches will be made for the first 3 characters of the extension. In other words, this:

FileCopy(“C:temp*.txt”, “D:mydir”)

will copy all files with the extension ‘txt’ as well any extension as ‘txt*’. So extension ‘txt1’, ‘txt2’, ‘txt3’ will also by copied.

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Source by Victor Kimura

Beat Speeding Ticket – Know Your Rights!

State laws maintain that everybody is protected by equal rights in the eyes of justice. So, even when charged with an offence, culpability is not decided upon unless judged by the court, which even then undergoes through an extensive evaluation. Same is true with speeding violations. You can beat speeding ticket by knowing your rights which, although requires effort, can guarantee you the best chances of having the case dismissed.

Starting with the scene of the flagging down, you have the right to limit your answers to a polite “no, officer” and “yes officer.” Known as the Miranda Rights, you are free not to admit your guilt or answer questions that can possibly leas to self-incrimination, especially without the presence of a lawyer. However, be cooperative enough to provide basic details such as your name and presenting your driver’s license. Be clear that this is not included in your rights of silence.

To beat speeding ticket, doing it in a civil manner is guaranteed with the best results. Having temper flared out or insulting your officer can add up to your charges, especially while in court. Respect and courtesy are heavily valued, which are also stated in the rights of others. Also, the road is not the best venue to air out your side.

Your innocence is protected and maintained all through out, so do not be afraid of courts. You are not judged unless there is sufficient evidence which is provided by the officer, who is obligated to present the burden of proof, and what you have to do is defend yourself. The court gives equal chances to both parties, and the best way to maintain your not guilty plea is to remember the facts on what had transpired. Vague answers will definitely not help you to beat speeding ticket filed against you.

A lawyer can be summoned, if need be, or you can also represent yourself for minor charges. The court can grant relevant requests for documentations such as the statement of the officer regarding their version of events, and the make and model of your car according to their recollection. If you show that you have more credible answers close to the event, then you have greater chances to beat speeding tickets. You also have a right to have a speedy trial as the court recognizes the constraints to work and personal life of attending court proceedings. Also, you can point out lack of evidence or delay trials in case that the officer-in-charge does not show up in the proceeding.

You are also free to request for alternatives aside from payment, such as attending traffic schools or doing community service. Beat speeding ticket by checking out all the options that the law has provided all who are facing charges. Violations in speed are listed in your driving history, which can in turn affect additional charges or increase in your premium rates so you would want to avoid such inconveniences with a clear record. Abuse and biases are not tolerated by law, so expect it to be an ally, although it can be punishing once you are not careful enough to avoid violations.

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Source by John Oleander

SEO – Marketing Strategy for Your Website

These days, search engine optimization is the most effective and popular marketing strategy for your website to improve your website’s organic search engine ranking and drive more targeted visitors. As a result, SEO marketing strategy is important for any Internet company to become successful in online business. It is a complex process, which involves long term planning.

SEO Strategy

Professional search engine optimization consultants are dedicated to creating innovative Internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization solutions. They develop a search engine optimization strategy by incorporating the following on page and off page optimization techniques:

• Content research and creation
• Structuring content within the site
• SEO copywriting
• Optimizing website content
• Building inbound links
• Developing link popularity campaign
• Submitting to search engines and directories
• Site design
• Website ranking report
• Evaluation and tracking
• Maintenance

Grow Your Business – Keep Ahead of the Competition

Implementing appropriate search engine optimization and marketing strategies, you can get higher search engine positions in Google, Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, Sina,, NexTag, AOL, Microsoft Live and AT&T Worldnet. Moreover, it helps your online business to improve your business results such as

• Generate highly qualified website traffic
• Ethical marketing practices
• Attracts inbound links
• Increase sales leads
• Grasp more business opportunities
• Build brand recognition
• Expand your web brand recognition
• Establish a successful website with stronger fulfillment paths and better usability

SEO Marketing Strategy Experts

If you want to build a professional website with an excellent marketing strategy, get the support from a leading search engine optimization service provider. These providers have experienced SEO experts and specialists with excellent knowledge and research capacity to deliver the most professional SEO strategy services.

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Source by Rajeev R

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Business Web Site?

If you ask a techie type the question posed by the title, you might get an more of an answer than you really need. You see, the question is a bit of a riddle, like the old “How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” Of course wood chucks don’t chuck wood, and the term “bandwidth” is a technical misnomer. What you want to know is how many bytes of files and data will I need to operate my website for a month. But any techie will tell you that the term really describes the amount of data transferred per second. Who cares, right? But stuff like this drives the techies nuts.

Let’s get back to your question. As I said, bandwidth for business people like us is a measure of how much data you use in a month’s time. What you want to know is how much you’re going to use and how much is it going to cost you? Am I right?

If that’s the question, here is formula that will give you the answer:

Average Daily Visitors x Average Page Views x Average Page Size x31 = monthly bandwidth

Now isn’t that simple? Ok, let’s say your website,, gets an average of a hundred visitors a day (an exceptional number of visitors for a newly opened site, by the way). You have 10 pages on your website. Each page is 30 kilobytes in size. Kilobytes? Don’t worry about them; they’ll take care of themselves. I used the figure 30 kilobytes because that is the size of retail giant Amazon’s home page and I figured most small businesses are going to use less space than that. Finally, there are always 31 days in the web-hosting month. So, we have the following calculation:

100 x 10 x 30720 x 31= 952,320,000

Over 900 million. Whew! Now that’s a big number. Or it would be if we were talking money. Fortunately we’re talking bytes and it’s really insignificant. Most economy hosting plans offer at least 300 gigs a month. A gig is a billion bytes. That’s 300 times what your website used this month. If you use videos you will use more, but it would have to be a pretty substantial video to put much of a dent in your quota. How much should you pay for one of these plans? Five dollars a month or less. You can get five times that amount for less than ten dollars a month. So what are you waiting for?

Oh, and by the way, the answer to the wood chuck riddle is 700 lbs of wood. Just think, before the Internet we’d never have found the answer!

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Source by Mike Nardine

Resume Posting Sites: Which One is the Best?

Online resume posting is getting popular everyday. The quicker you can work on your resume better it is for you if you are looking for some decent jobs.  The trend of online resume posting is getting on with the day. More and more people are now a day using the internet to submit their resumes on to sites like resume rabbit and resume boomer.

Among these sites the best of the sites offer you more than just resume submission and distribution. Some of the sites even offer you with high quality assistance for securing a job and helps you manage your appointments and interviews with utmost success.

To ensure that you are able to hang on to job once you register the site will update you about your chances and will help you build up a good resume by suggesting you certain improvements that you can actually bring upon your existing one and then it will be more of a cake walk for you to get through a job and crack the selection process with the ease of cutting through melted butter.

The best of the resumes also get selected and they are sent for selection to the best companies (the post of those companies which are mostly sought after) this allows the job seeker the maximum exposure and will allow him to decide for the best if he is overlooking them even when he has the potential to be a rightful occupant of that position.

The resume boomer is the site that most people would apply for because they are the most well connected site which can truly increase the odds of you getting selected for a job. The jobs that they offer are not only good and most of the time s they are so good that you cannot help but accept them even if you do not want to actually apply for such a trade.

The resume boomer will help you explore your own limitations they believe that a person has a capacity to probably be the best of the best in their chosen fields but they might become a pioneer of a field which they overlook.

This simple job seeker friendly attitude and also the facilities that the site offers has made it the most popular online resume submission website on the internet. Posting your resume online is a smart thing to do but posting it to a website like resume boomer would be another step up towards a successful carrier.

So keep your eyes open and start earning pounds and pounds by simply posting a resume online on the sites which have the connections to get you hooked with the best of employers. Best of luck!

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Source by Silas Reed

How to Write a Press Release: Punchy Headlines

A press release is simply an announcement of a newsworthy event, information that is timely, entertaining, interesting, or helpful. A punchy headline is critical in getting your press release noticed. Releases can be distributed by email, snail mail, or fax. Do not use attachments with a press release. Most editors will delete the entire email unopened because of the potential of viruses in unsolicited attachments.

Don’t send the press release as a PDF file. PDF files can’t be copied and pasted if the recipient doesn’t have the correct Adobe program. This means the editor will have to have the entire release re-typed and they probably won’t do it.

The release can go on your corporate stationary and include a photo of the product if relevant. It can also, of course, be emailed.

Press Release Format

Immediate Release – and today’s date (or the date the paper should publish the release if it is time related)

Contact Information:
Your name
Your phone number
Your email address

Include all this information. Many reporters won’t pursue a press release that doesn’t have a phone number. If you live outside the US and want US coverage you have to have a phone number in the US, a toll free 800 (888 or 866) number, or state in the release that the reporter should email you with a convenient date and time and you will place and pay for the call. You could also use a skype phone number (a service for phone calls over the Internet) but that requires the reporter to have a headset and microphone and most may not.

You can put the contact information at the end of the release. If you do, put the statement “Contact Information Below” in place of your name, phone number and email address.


Try not to have the headline be the same old, same old. “New Book Released by Local Author” for example. Or “New Book Tells Why Your Kids Are Rotten.” This is make it or break it time. The headline is what will entice the reporter or editor to read your release. Use a headline like Five Reasons Kids Are Rotten: And What Parents Can Do About It.

I know there are thousands of press releases that begin “Big Company, Inc. announces innovative new product, new vice president, price cuts, or whatever.” If you were a reporter would that interest you? Would that grab your attention? No. So don’t use it as a headline. Remember your goal: Providing the reporter with information that makes it easy for the reporter to craft a story that will be meaningful to the publication’s readers.

If possible tie your product and your headline to a current news event. If you don’t have any ideas, make a list of your product’s benefits and then cruise newspaper headlines to see how your product fits in with what’s happening in the world.

Headlines are meant for humans not search engine bots. Keywords are wonderful but a string of keywords does not a headline make. If you want your release to show up high in the search engine rankings when searching the keyword string, that’s fine, but use a different headline for the release distributed to humans.

How to write a press release using punchy headlines can unleash the power of publicity for you.

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Source by Dee Power

Cell Phone Directories – Tips You Can Use To Find An Unknown Number

Here is a common scenario: you are driving to an appointment to meet a businessperson and you’re late.  You have a copy of their business card, and have just dropped it into the ‘crack’ between the console and the driver’s seat.  Its bumper to bumper traffic and you need to contact your appointment.  You can dial directory assistance to look up the number for you – buy you hear ‘sorry that number is unlisted’.  More frustration for you-your businessperson uses a cell phone as his primary number, and unlike most land lines, cell phone numbers are generally unlisted.

Unlisted business numbers can be found most often by using cell phone directories that allow reverse or address-based search.  These services are not typically available by make a phone call, like you can with directory assistance.  These services typically have a web based interface that you access with a home computer, or if you have one of the newer phones that have a usable web browser, you can access the service from your phone.

Using these cell phone directories is simple, just put in as much information as you have on the person or business you are trying to contact and the system will query its database and provide you with the best matches that it has on file.  You’ll be amazed at how much information these services can provide at a relatively small cost. 

If your search returns a really long list of possible matches, try putting your search criteria inside quotation marks.  The quotation marks tell the search engine to limit the returned results with matches that have the ‘exact’ match to your query – not a ‘broad’ search that has many permutations of your search terms.

You search results will also include what cell phone carrier the number is using, as well as the city and state.  Keep in mind, the city and state are normally listed for the location the number’s user had when the cell phone contract was signed – it may not be the current city and state for this number.  Be careful when interpreting this information, as this type of data changes on a regular basis.  The cell phone directories do a pretty good job of keeping the information current, but it is a constant and time-consuming job.

Try one of the automated cell phone directories the next time you need to find that that an unknown number belongs to – or maybe just find out the number of a long lost colleague or friend.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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Source by Carl Ringwall

Viral Email Marketing: How To Make Your Emails Viral And Outrageously Profitable

Viral email marketing is one of the most popular means of promoting your products or services. You can easily contact several thousands – or even millions – of individuals at one time and have them spreading your email message, promoting your business and generating income for you.

It is important that you understand the mechanics of viral email marketing to take advantage of its full potentials, and get the cash your business needs at a fraction of the usual time and effort.

What is Viral Email Marketing?

Viral marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tool innovated in the online industry. The term was coined after the idea of an information spreading quickly and effectively. In offline marketing industry, viral marketing is what is often referred to as “word-of-mouth” marketing strategy, which is considered by some marketing experts as the most effective type of marketing.

Viral email marketing is a branch of a variety of viral marketing tools and techniques that internet marketers can use these days. Although the benefits are quite appealing, there are certain techniques that online marketers need to follow closely in order to reap those benefits.

Since most people these days utilize their email to communicate on a daily basis, it is where viral email marketing is targeted. You can therefore appeal to every individual in your target market specifically, which when done correctly, have higher potential of generating sales.

If you were to recall the history of email marketing campaigns, it all started with Hotmail. They offered clients who availed of their service a free email account. For every online businessmen though, you can offer a variety of techniques to your prospects through their email that will enable you to utilize the power of this technology to spread the word about your marketing campaign.

Viral Email Marketing Techniques

The techniques you use in your viral email marketing campaign depends largely on your business goals. In most cases, the goals of an online marketer when sending out emails to the people in their mailing list is to inform them about a particular product or information. A subset to this goal is to compel them to forward the message or email to their friends in their email list, thus spreading the word about your line of products.

Why would your prospects forward the email they receive? The key here is to send them emails that are of some level of worth. If not, then it would probably take them a shorter amount of time to delete the email message than they would reading what the content of the mail is.

One effective way to increase readership is to carefully consider the information value or entertainment value you input in the content of your email message. Being informative does not necessarily mean your email message has to be dull. Learn how to infuse some creativity into it. With proper use of useful or amusing content, you will most likely compel people in your mailing list to read your emails and forward them to people who might benefit from them.

Prior to this stage though, you need to have had proper methods of building a large opt-in list. The methods you use must also be targeted, such that the people in your mailing list are most likely to respond to your viral email marketing campaign.

Subject Line of a Viral Email

Although this comes prior to the actual opening of your emails, this is incredibly important. The subject line is the first thing that a person sees whenever they open their inbox. There are only two options for them: to click on the mail you sent or not. Hence, it is important that you convince them to do the former. One technique is to keep your subject line interesting or provoke curiosity.

Using the “Open Me” or “Read Me” approach is fast becoming ineffective. Plus, it is a very lazy approach at convincing people to actually read the mail. Try to keep your subject line short but snappy for higher effectiveness.

Content of a Viral Email

You have three options in terms of how you build the content for your viral email marketing: sales letter, newsletter, or review format. Regardless of your choice of content format, you need to keep it brief yet ample in scope. Remember, people browsing the internet have short amount of patience and you need to feed them the information they need within the shortest time possible.

If you find that the message is too long but all parts are too relevant to omit, consider sending them in parts. This is also an effective way to rouse the reader’s interest.

Another way to convince them to click on the links you provided is by offering them a valuable and tangible object. It does not need to be a lucrative object but must be something of value or usefulness to them. This helps further an effective viral email marketing that produces real results.

Timing or Frequency in Sending Out Viral Emails

Here is another important component for an effective viral email marketing campaign. If you have set the schedule for the broadcast of your viral email messages using an autoresponder, make sure to limit the amount of emails you send the people in your mailing list.

Three times a week should be substantial to advance your viral email marketing, but there are always exceptions to the rule. The key is to be sensitive to the needs and desires of your audience, and to offer them the right amount of information at the right moments.

Overdoing it can result to annoyance on the part of your readers and cause them to opt-out of their subscription. Or worse, they could spread the word about their dissatisfaction, which could negatively affect your reputation.

After all, an effective viral email marketing campaign is built more around the powerful messages you send them, rather than the frequency of emails on their inbox.

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Source by Jeremy Gislason

Link Building Strategy for Self Managed SEO

A well thought through and planned link building strategy is essential before embarking on a self managed link building campaign. The following post will outline a basic strategy that can be used for your website.

Remember – every website should be treated individually so whilst this may work for one, it may be too much or too little for others.

Link building packages generally consist of a variety of link types. This is done deliberately as Google and other search engines do not favour one particular type of link, they like a variety from differing page sources. We will highlight how to use each product to formulate a link building strategy that may work for your website.

Directory Submissions

Web directory submissions are a quick and cost effective way of building some link popularity for your site. They are by no means the route to all our link building goals but they are a steady basis – we see them as always happening behind the scenes.

We would generally submit your website homepage to web directories as certain webmasters do not accept deep links – An expected acceptance rate from manual directory submission is 60%.

Directory submission sites range from well established high PR directories like DMOZ to new, up and coming directories that will pass the link juice over a longer period. As the vast majority are manually approved, acceptance can take between 12 hours and 6 months!

We would generally submit the directories at around 100-200 per week and use no more than 10 different anchor texts – We would generally concentrate on the highest competition phrases with the directories to build weight to the home page.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way of achieving deep links from high PR websites. As a lot of these are also high traffic sites, social bookmarks give you the chance to put your bookmark in front of a potentially large audience dependent on your niche.

Social bookmarking sites generally have an instant approval rate as user accounts are required to access the submission areas.

On the major social bookmarking sites – the Digg’s, the Stumbleupon’s of the world – the links are nofollow links – they do not pass any of the link weighting across and these are usually avoided in SEO. Social bookmarking sites counter this by placing your link in front of a potentially large audience searching in your niche.

Social bookmarking is an ongoing process and is often used to target the niche phrases contained on the pages deep within your website. – An example could be with the product name as the title of the bookmark.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven way of adding good authority to your website – as long as you are marketing the correct content! With between 300 and 500 words the norm for the majority of article submission websites, there is usually plenty of information within your company to write your own article. We offer an article writing service using SEO trained UK journalists as the copywriters.

The article is placed on a page of its own and generally with no other content on the page (adverts and navigation excluded). This gives you a very content rich page linking back to your website.

The links in article marketing are usually found in the author’s bio section of the article. A general rule is that 2 links are allowed – generally a high competition phrase to your homepage and a deep link to the page on your site the articles are targeting.

Theme Based Link Building

Theme based link building is the most search engine friendly link building technique available. When used correctly, it can reap benefits; when done wrong, it can be a very expensive mistake both to your company cash and also your website’s reputation.

Theme based link building is used to help target very high competition search phrases and are done in much smaller numbers than any of the services mentioned above. With an average link price of £10, theme based links are used sparingly – unless you have the budget of course.


Mix it up – don’t just concentrate on one link source – what if the algorithm changes?

Ask us!! We provide a submission service but we can also manage all your link building needs – from one site to a large portfolio. We tailor every strategy for your needs – be they financial or rankings.

Manual Link Building provide SEO services through link building including social bookmarking, article marketing and directory submissions . View and buy online here.

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Source by Gareth Hoyle