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follow link There are many directories on the Internet. These are web sites that contains categorized lists of other web sites. Some directories are general directories, listing sites on just about any topic, whereas others specialize in particular subject matters or areas. One simple method and straightforward method to increase your web site's traffic is to submit it to as many directories as possible. In general, the more directories that you are listed in, the more traffic that you will get. There are two reasons for this:

enter site 1. When people browse through the directory, they may see your listing, click on it, and thus visit your web site. Thus each individual directory listing tends to bring some traffic to your site (obviously listings in more popular directories will generally bring more traffic than listings in relatively minor directories).

antidepressant drug over the counter 2. Search engines such as Google tend to take the number of links to different sites into account when ordering their search results. In general, web sites that have more links leading to them ( "backlinks") tend to be ranked higher in the results than web sites with fewer links, and of course, higher ranked web sites tend to get more traffic from search engines. This is why many webmasters prioritize marketing activities that will help increase the number of backlinks. Links from directories are as good as any, and are usually free and easy to obtain (all you have to do is submit).

follow The main issue with submitting directories, is simply the amount of time it takes. Submitting to a directory generally requires finding the directory in the first place, then locating the submit page, and finally filling out a form on that page. While that process may not take long for one directory, doing it for hundreds of directories would take an age. Fortunately however there is an alternative – you can use software to automate much of the submission process, and thus get it done much more quickly. Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

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