Site Plan Or Plot Plan

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The site plan or plot plan is included to locate the area belonging to any building, showing all the details of interior together with surroundings. The site plan should be prepared before constructing the house and should represent the following information,

1. The boundary of the plot, shape of site and exterior house dimensions.
2. Setback line at the front, back and sides.
3. Any permanent boundaries or marks existing should be indicated on the site plan.
4. Names and widths of existing streets and roads whether of concrete, asphalt, etc., should be indicated. Grade elevation at centre line should also be indicated.
5. Grade elevations at corners of plot and at corners of house should be indicated by contour lines.
6. Size and location of garage, if detached.
7. Number of plot and block, if any and names of adjoining properties.
8. Directions of prevailing winds and north line.
9. Footpaths, if any, widths and kinds of footpaths.
10. Zoning and building restrictions which may affect the site plan.
11. Size and location details of gas line, under-ground drainage, water mains, man-holes, ventilating pipes, etc., should be indicated.
12. Location of fire hydrant should be marked.

Planning regulations:

The planning regulations have to be considered by an architect while planning and designing the layout of the buildings. The regulations govern the following building aspects are,

1. Lines of buildings.
2. Built-up area of ??buildings.
3. Open spaces around buildings and their heights.
4. Provisions of size, height and ventilation of rooms and apartments.
5. Water supply and sanitary provisions.
6. Structural design or sizes and sections.

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