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Having your website on the 1st page of the major search engines with widely searched keywords and phrases relating to your company’s industry is the ultimate tool for exposure.   las vegas SEO company has put together a simple SEO step by step checklist guide for your SEO project.


  • Research of Clients Niche/Industry.  What better way to market your businesses services and products than to delve into your company industry and targeted audience.
  • Research keyword-key phrase effectiveness by reviewing clients website including content, development, structure, as well as research comparison of clients competitors sites.
  • From information gathered from the above,  compile effective keywords and phrases to target your websites industry nice and services. This is not a guessing game!  Research, Research, Research!  Using SEO industry standard keyword software, such as web positions, overture keyword suggestion tool and more, you can test the  overall impact of each key phrase used which will generate the highest results on the natural listings of search engines. Once specific niche keywords are established, hand coding begins. We have put some basic SEO and Website tools here our site for your use at our Las Vegas SEO website. Visit las vegas seo tools  for use of some basic tools to aid in your SEO project.


  • Optimize all Main Meta Tags, each page individual done for specific key phrases relevant to your content.  Tags including: Title, Description, Keyword, etc. Make sure for each page you are optimizing, you have relevant content on that page to support and give relevant content to back up those keyphrases you are targeting

  • Image Tags (alt tags) – Image tags were first developed for the visually impaired.  An alt tag is text that appears when your mouse hovers over an image on a website.  These were read out loud by special program that scans a website and creates speach from text.  Now a days we find this to be an advantage as well to SEO, as long as guidlines are followed, and keyword stuffing does not take place.  Search Engines do value the Alt ags and give credit to them as well.
  • Optimizing existing content on web pages to reflect the keywords you are targeting for each individual page 
  • H1 of or other at the top of page reflecting with key phrases complete naturally.  H1 tags are header tags on the top of your web page that serve as a type of Page Title which is visible to your website visitors and best describes what is to follow on that existing page.  Search Engines find this as a valuable attribute, thus keywords should be included within this tag
  • Keyword/Phrase content placement – Using keywords throughout your page content careful as to not over use the keyword, yet use them in a free normal writting style.
  • Robots Tag – Include a robot.txt file on your server as to direct the search engine spiders as to what pages should follow links on page or not follow
  • Creating optimized internal page links-use keyword word text links to other internal pages within your site.  Ex. if your keyphrase your targeting is "air freshners", use a word link using that keyphrase and linking to a page that has relevant content.  Ex word link: "air fresher styles", "air freshner scents", etc. 
  • Creating Reciprocal links page – Try to gain a reciprocal link from another website with relevant content, not competitor.  Ask the web designer via email if they would be willing to place a link to your website from theirs in return for their website link on your site.
  • Review of server structure –  How your folders in your server play a part in SEO as well.  Try to save images in your keyword niche as well as have sub folders for certain categories of specific products or services you offer and place all relevant pages/images within the appropriate folders
  • Optimizing page/file names of any new pages created – Save your .html files in keyord format.  Example-If your Page offers window tinting services, save your website page as "windowtinting.html" or "windowtintingservices.html"
  • Linking strategies – creating back links from Forums, directories, search engines, industry niche sites etc.
  • xml site map or hand coded site maps for easy page indexing-On your website, include either a hand coded .html site map to each page within your website or use an easy site map generator to generate an .xml file to upload to your server.  Alot of these programs are free on the internet and can be googled.  Try "xml site map generator" in search engines

  • Once all these steps are complete, submit your website url to the major search engines.  Alot of people pay for companies to do this for you, when it is very simple to do on your own.  You can hand submit your url to most major search engines like MSN, GOOGLE, etc.  go to search engine and type in "Submit url" .

    Allow a few weeks for the search engines to pick up on your new SEO content and hopefully with all your hard work, your results Pay!  Make sure to keep up with new fresh content on your site.  Search Engines love new content.  Make sure all content is relevant and reflects your keywords.

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