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can I take bactrim with alcohol Although SEO is essential when talking about online business, blogging or internet marketing, I am writing this article for those bloggers who are new to SEO or have no knowledge on it, and who do not want to pay for 3rd party SEO services.

enter site Why do we need SEO? The answer is simple, we want to rank well in search engines, we want to grab more traffic from it. To achieve this we need to optimize our site for SEO. OK I agree, but SEO is only way to rank well in Google? No, not always,

go site What actually Search Bots (Google) looks for when they scroll your site?

best pill for PMS symptoms Googlebot or any search robot do only one thing when they visit your site. Google will try to find out the topic (the main keyword) of your page content, and quality of information contained in your article, if it is best then it will certainly be lifted up in Google search results pages. In short if content is original, unique and good, you do not need to worry about SEO or backlinks.

best antidepressant for bipolar disorder So, if I blog original and informative articles, should I forget about SEO?

source site NO, I do not mean that, as I said earlier, SEO is essential thing but you can take it on less priority if you post unique and original informative articles, but if you are posting on hot niche in internet market , you are going to compete with big competitors, then you need to consider about SEO. This is from my own experience of SEO, I think search engines looks for original and informative content. Quality test of your content is done by some algorithm and SEO is the way to tell search engines about your quality. All SEO techniques are designed to meet requirement of search engine algorithm, since it becomes easy for bots to determine the quality of your article. If your content is king, bot will automatically detect it, once visitors start clinking on your link in search engine result pages, Google will be sure that your articles are great.

can you buy flagyl over the counter in NZ But, remember that, only good quality content will not raise your Google PR, but will certainly help you to receive more organic search traffic from Google.


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