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A sample website plan does not have to be elaborate to get the job done. It can be as simple as the list below. Keep in mind, people like do not like to read websites as much as the like to scan them. As you plan your website, do so with the visitor in mind. it is a good idea to have a plan in order to stay on track as you build your website.

My top 10 tips for making a sample website plan:

1. Brainstorm.

Come up with a website idea that suits your taste. Many website builders fail because they do not plan before hand. When you find the idea you want to do, research it by typing the subject in a search engine. Also try to see how many books have been written on the subject. See how various authors outline their books to get some ideas.

2. Decide on the type of website you want.

The type of website you want should come easy if you know what your subject is. Did you write a book that you want to sell from your website? You could setup your website and review books similar to yours. Your review could point out the unique things your book offers that the others do not.

3. Search for a domain name with your keywords in it.

Buy a domain name that has your main keywords in it to help search engines know the clear intentions of your website and help your site get found easier. You will be surprised to see what names are still available.

4. Decide on hosting for your website

Choose a web hosting company that will offer you free e-mail with the service. I like Go Daddy because of the service. They're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My websites rarely go down and when they do, they're back up and running in no time

5. Decide on the way you want to build your website .

Are you technical enough to build your website from scratch? You really do not have to be to get a website up and running. I recommend using Word Press if you do not have the technical skills. It's free and easy.

6. Decide on the look of your website.

Do you want it to look fun and cheery or dark and grungy? Word Press gives you a ton of open source templates to choose from.

7. Map out the Navigation buttons of your website

Sketching out where you want to place links on your website should always be included in a sample website plan. Always think of the user and how to give them a pleasant experience when visiting your website. They should not have any questions about how to find information on the website. Make it easy for them. People are in a hurry and have a tendency to scan information rather than read it.

8. Research the keywords of your website

Finding and using the right keywords for your website will be one of the most important factors as you build it. When looking for keywords, do not go for the popular keywords everyone is fighting for. Sneak through the back door with low competition keywords. It makes SEO a lot easier. Take the keywords you find and look even deeper for nuggets that you may be over looking.

9. Discover the unique point of view of your website.

Add a little of who you are so your visitors will get to know you. Your unique point of view will come from your personality and what you want to share with them. This style of website is built on sharing your inner thoughts and ideas about a subject you know a lot about. Research a few "unique point of view style websites" to see what they look like. They are often called Infopreneur websites.

10. Start building your website

As mentioned before, if you do not have technical skills, use Word Press to learn. If you are really serious and need a professional website, check out They have amazing artists standing by waiting to compete and win your services.

That's the short and sweet way to make a sample plan for a website. You can always enhance these steps by adding a website story board but, these steps should be enough to get you started.

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