Revamping Your SEO Game Plan for 2017 and Beyond

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There’s a lot of whisper going on in the online marketing community that SEO is dead. Go on any Web marketing blog or discussion forum, and you will hear all sorts of theories about why SEO is no longer viable. While some of these theories have some degree of validity rooted in them, the truth is that SEO is far from dead and will likely be around for as long as there is a need for online content.

SEO is in a Never-Ending State of Metamorphosis

What’s really going on is that SEO is always changing, which gives it a perception that it’s falling out of favor when in fact businesses merely need to make modifications. Most businesses that have been around during the Internet’s heyday likely remember the good old days when a site can quickly jump on top of the SERP by creating content by the quantity and stuffing them with keywords. Of course, this resulted in thousands of barely readable content all over the Web. Over the years, we saw Google address these issues with the rollout of major algorithm changes like the Panda and Penguin. While this resulted in a better user experience, for a marketer, it meant having to adapt to new rules or else face the consequences of penalization or even being blacklisted altogether.

Make it About Quality, Not Quantity

Creating quality content is what you should already be doing. One of the golden rules of SEO has always been about creating content for human readers and not for the search engine. This rule of thumb matters even more so now. Content should also be more informative and be centered on a specific question around a given niche.

Those who keep up with Google’s current updates are aware that Hummingbird is the latest search algorithm. So what does this mean for SEO? Hummingbird is designed around the conversational search concept. These days, it’s more about mobile platforms and what people speak into their devices when looking up information. Users are more likely to use full grammatical sentences when talking into their tablets or smartphones, and the latest algorithm is better able to understand the user’s intent and semantic meaning of each individual word. What marketers need to do then is create high quality content that addresses the question or issue of what people are asking when using their mobile devices.

Get Acquainted with Social Media

Before, it was all about keywords. Nowadays, it’s more about having a strong social media presence. For every piece of content you create, don’t be shy about disseminating it through social media channels. This means getting your friends to share, comment and hit the “like” icon.

Also, being active on social networks means going beyond Facebook; yes, Mark Zuckerberg’s mega successful social network has over one billion users to date and leaves practically all others behind in the dust. However, other networks appeal more to a certain demographic and may have tools that may make them more viable for generating higher ROI. Pinterest, for example, is better suited for companies that sell physical products that can be showcased through photos and videos. Likewise, LinkedIn is useful for B2B interactions.

It’s now a known fact that content with a high social media presence rank better in the search engines, so that is a whole other incentive right there for taking advantage of the social network sphere. By all means, continue to build backlinks, submit content to article directories and post as a guest blogger. However, actively promoting your content through multiple social media outlets will pay far more dividends in the long-run.

Outsourcing is the Best Solution

By outsourcing, this doesn’t mean looking for a SEO company that promises 1,000 submissions for $20. Such sites are still around and often use article spinners to create unreadable articles that are sent to multiple, low ranking directories and blogs. To make matters worse, those submissions are all sent at once, without the option for a drip feed submission.

Outsource your SEO to a reputable company that offers a diverse approach. Aside from SEO, this should also include social media, local SEO, email marketing, marketing consulting, analytics and so forth.

Contrary to what some may say, SEO is not dead; it’s just that it has evolved into a whole new ball game. More than ever, SEO entails full utilization of social media and the creation of informative content.

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