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I can show you how to bleed off half
your fears in the next 15 minutes. Tomorrow – or later today –
you can bleed off half of what’s left. Then you can do it again.
And again.

See how it works? You don’t end
your fears, instead you keep reducing them. One chunk at a time.

Once you eliminate most of your imaginary
fears (the ‘fear story’ – as I call it) then you’ll find yourself
facing the real fear that’s left behind. You chop your fears down
to size so you can easily handle what’s left.

My program gives you a way to ground
out your fears like a lightening rod grounds out electricity.
It takes the painful static field of fear that surrounds you and
channels it out of you quickly, safely and effectively.

Once you’ve handled the fear story
then I show you how to awaken your inner warrior. You must
become a warrior to permanently deal with fear. Otherwise, you’ll
have to keep grounding it out over and over.

Next I’ll show you exactly how to
conquer fear once and for all. First you shrink it down
to size. Then you’ll choke it the way it’s been choking you. And
if it ever comes back you’ll choke it again.

You’ll tame your fear and turn it
into an ally. The way it was meant to be.

Once fear is reduced to a whisper,
then we’ll turn our attention to your anxiety. While fear and
anxiety may seem closely related, you need to deal with them in
different ways.

Fear is hard-wired into the body.
(Which explains why it can never be completely ended.) Anxiety,
however, is not. You must do something to start feeling
anxiety. And once anxiety starts, it grows bigger. No matter how
much or how little anxiety you feel now, it will get worse if
not addressed. You must take positive, concrete steps to end it.

Fortunately, anxiety has an Achilles
heel; a weak spot. You simply have to find the weak spot and exploit

matter how big your anxiety has grown, I assure you it has this
one weak spot.

You may first have to bleed off some
of your anxiety to find that weak spot. No problem. It’s not as
difficult as you might imagine. Just like you first bled off your
fears to conquer them, so you can now bleed off your anxiety using
different techniques specific to anxiety.

Then you STRIKE that weak point and
watch your anxiety begin to unravel. You may have to strike it
more than once. But certainly it should take no more than a few
days at most.

Then we’ll turn out attention to
any panic you may have. If you’ve been following along up till
now, you’ll find panic may not ever come up at all. But just to
be sure….

Panic, as you probably know, has
no basis in reality. Or so it seems. Actually, a panic attack
resembles a huge land mine you’ve placed in the path ahead of
you. First you put it there. Next, you walk along and step on
it. Finally, it explodes in your reality creating all sorts of
problems. And it seems to come out of nowhere.

As you look at it from a higher perspective,
you’ll see panic comes from a logical and predictable set of
circumstances. Not that you need to analyze it. You don’t.

You don’t need to know how a car
works to ride down to the corner store for a gallon of milk. In
fact, you also don’t need to know much about a car to get it to
stop working.

One way is by letting it run out
of gas. Which compares to what we cover in the first part of the
program. As you follow those simple instructions for reducing
fear, you deplete your panic of its fuel. Now we’re going to put
the final nail in the coffin.

I’m going to lift the hood and show
you where to find the spark plugs. Then I’m going to show you
exactly how to remove those spark plugs. So your panic can never
happen again.

I know that’s hard to believe. Cars
go so fast. They’re big and strong and heavy. They seem so much
more powerful than us. How can you possibly stop a car?

You find its weak point; the one
area where it’s most vulnerable. Just like you did with your

A car has many weak points. You can
disconnect the battery cable. You could drain the motor oil. Or
you can remove the spark plugs, as I already mentioned.

Panic has one weak spot. You attack
it there, and you attack it hard. With all the force and focus
you can muster. And it will end. It may seem like a miracle but
really it’s no more miraculous than cutting the ignition wires
to a car.

me, you need never ever suffer from panic attacks again.

Ending panic can be no more difficult
than clipping your ignition wires. IF you’ve followed the
steps to reduce your fear and anxiety first!

And that, in a nutshell, is how the
program works.

I wanted to give
feedback on the ebook: “How To Reduce Fear, Escape
Anxiety And End Panic”.

I’m 31 years old,
and had suffered from panic and anxiety for about
13 years.

I felt panic and
anxiety were destroying my life.

I tried traditional
psychological therapy and medications, only to see
very little solid results.

Before I came across
your ebook, I tried 6-7 different “end anxiety and
panic” programs on the internet and although they
helped a little bit- I wasn’t seeing any major changes
and I was still feeling anxiety and panic most of
the time.

I read other people’s
testimonials on the other anxiety and panic products
and thought there was something wrong with me because
I wasn’t getting half the results other people wrote
about in their testimonials.

I was beginning to
lose hope but then I found your ebook and everything
started to change rapidly for the better

After one month of
applying the techniques in your ebook I’m already
seeing great and solid results.

Results that I have
not seen at all with the other programs (even though
I gave them a fair chance and did everything that
was written in them over a period of time).

Now, looking back
I feel the other programs are missing stuff at the
core level and your ebook is all about solving the
problem at the deep core level.

From that level real
change can happen faster and then be more solid and
in the end: permanent.

Thank you so much
for this great ebook and your support.

May we all
be anxiety and panic free,

S.E.E. south
of Israel

Are you beginning to see what a difference this
program can make in your life?

this e-book helped
me tremendously….

my fear was so bad
I couldn’t commicate with people I wanted too…

I did your fear story
and meditation thanks so so much….

you’re great and
right on…

thanks for sharing
ur life and fears – this helped me a lot!

God Bless you!!!

I think [your program] was great – you covered it all, things i never realized were connected.

Thank you so much for taking your life to do this and share this with me.

It is really helping me 🙂

Sarita Mihaly from California

Unconventional and unique. You won’t find a package like this
anywhere else.

Fills you with confidence and helps you relax.

You can greatly reduce your fears,
escape your anxiety and end your panic. Develop more confidence,
handle social situations better, and lead a normal life. End the
painful humiliation of fear. You can also…

 Learn more about yourself. Why you worry. Why you feel
so much fear. The latest techniques for processing your emotions.
The best way to deal with all your feelings.

 Find your inner strength that fear stole from you. Live
life your way. End the handicap preventing you from doing
the things you want.

 Become a better person, a better parent, a better partner
and a better friend.

 Feel better about yourself. Respect yourself like never
before. Watch as others respect you as well. You’ll think you’re
on top of the world.

 Learn a valuable skill you can teach others and use
yourself for the rest of your life.

 Expand your horizons. No need to avoid situations that
currently scare you. Live up to your potential.

 Save money. You won’t have to lean on drugs or therapy
to cope with your anxiety and panic.

 Inspire others. People naturally feel an attraction
to those who possess confidence. Friends and loved ones – who
now worry about you – will want to know your secret.

 Apply these tools to any area of your life. Achieve
greater success when your fears no longer hold you back.

 Live with confidence. There’s no greater feeling than
true confidence. Knowing you can be and do and have whatever you
want. Knowing you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

 Experience inner peace. Feel calmer. End the worry something
bad is about to happen. Fear may still come up, but you’ll handle
it easier now. It won’t hurt like it used to.

 Pioneer a new realm. As a secret private warrior, only
you will know how powerful you’ve become. Others can only wonder
at your newfound ease in living life.

 Your life will change dramatically
once you begin to read and follow the proven techniques in “How
To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety And End Panic”.

For me, this is personal.
I can’t count the number of days I started drinking at noon because
the anxiety was eating me alive. Or all the times I wanted to
go somewhere or do something but chickened-out instead. I know
how bad it hurts.

I know the stench of fear because
I lived it every day.

I know the crippling effect fear
has. How it crushes the human spirit… how it humiliates… how
it boxes you in and limits your activities. I wouldn’t wish those
feelings on my worse enemy.

I’ve learned the answer to fear.
I now have an obligation to share what I’ve discovered. It would
be wrong to keep it to myself. It’s my duty as a fully-functioning
caring human being to do everything I can to spread this information
to as many people as I possibly can. Anything less would be a

I feel an urge deep inside that won’t
let me stay on the sidelines, keeping this system bottled up.
These techniques, discovered one at a time and now packaged together
in a unified system, are destined to change lives. It would be
a crime for me to not share the secrets with you.

Are you ready to change your life?
Will you let it be different – starting today?

I had a phobia for
traffic (driving or riding in it), so I was all too
eager to read your book to help me with this issue.

It’s a great book
and really enlightened me – the information really
opened my eyes. These books are a God send to me cause
I know it is God’s time for my healing in so many
areas of my life and He has used Mark and his books
to get me where He wants me to be.

Part I: How To Reduce Fear

First you’ll learn the 15 minute
technique that eliminates half your fears. Then you’ll repeat
the simple procedure as needed until you’ve reduced your fears
to a whisper. Next you’ll engage your inner warrior. You’ll learn
secrets about fear most people will never know. As well as several
other techniques to reduce your level of fear (if needed).

Finally, when you’re ready, you’ll
face your fears head-on and conquer them once and for all. After
your fear has been turned into an ally, you’ll proceed to….

Part II: How To Escape Anxiety

We start with the basics – what anxiety
is, why you feel it, what it does to you, and why it’s so important
to deal with. Then you’ll use several techniques to instantly
bleed off your current anxiety.

To wrap it up, you’ll learn the one
secret to completely escaping your anxiety. There’s no way your
anxiety can continue to suffocate once you put this secret into
action. Like fear, your anxiety will become an ally. From this
rock-solid foundation, you’re ready for…

Part III: How To End Panic

First you’ll learn why panic is so
different from anxiety, and why they must be handled separately.
Then you’ll learn the three big myths about panic; what it is,
what it isn’t, why it happens.

Finally, you’ll follow the simple
formula guaranteed to end your panic attacks once and for all.
Unlike fear and anxiety, panic holds no positive value. It will
not become an ally; but rather simply eliminated from your life.

You will have the relief you seek.
You’ll no longer worry something bad is about to happen. Others
will no longer worry about you either.

I’ve packaged the entire three-part
program into one e-book – “How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety
And End Panic”. With an e-book you have instant access to
all the life-changing information. There are no printing costs
or shipping delays. Just minutes from now you can begin putting
the secret system to work for you.

Anxiety – How It All Started

In this lively discussion, you’ll
learn exactly how and when your anxiety first started, and exactly
what you must do to end it! This is the root of your anxiety and
if you want to be free of anxiety, you need to deal with it.

Anxiety-Ending Meditation

In this meditation you’ll be guided
to find the root of your anxiety so you can cut it out. Just follow
along as I take you on a journey inside your mind…

Panic-Ending Meditation

And here’s another meditation designed
specifically to work with your subconscious mind to help you
end your panic attacks once and for all!

You can’t lose when purchasing “How
To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety And End Panic” with my risk-free

“If you’re not satisfied for ANY reason,
I’ll buy it back from you on the spot.”

You can order my program, end your
panic and anxieties, and still ask for and receive all your
money back – and keep the program! I couldn’t stop you even if I
wanted to.

You’ve already got all the life-changing
information. What am I going to do – drive to your house and make
you delete it from your computer? Of course not.

But here’s what I believe you’ll be

“Yeah, I could rip Mark
off. But why?
I’ve learned so much about myself
and about my fears.
Information I can put to use right now
that will change my life forever!”

I doubt you’ll rip me off. You and
I both know people are basically honest. Sure, there’s a few bad
apples here and there, but it’s unlikely any of them will be reading
these words.

But the real reason I don’t mind
sticking my neck out like this is because I know you’ll be thrilled
with the life-changing information my program provides.

You can bleed off your fear in minutes. (And then
conquer those fears for good in a few short days.) You can escape
your anxiety soon afterwards. And panic can be ended once and
for all. You need never suffer from anxiety and panic again.

I’ve written down every single step you need
to take to experience the freedom and relief that comes from
handling your fears. You won’t find this priceless information
packaged together anywhere else. I’ve helped hundreds of people
and I can help you too.

I was interested
in this e-book because I suffer from severe anxiety.

It was very well
written and understandable. It REALLY helped me put
things into perspective WHILE I was going through

It’s nice to know
I am not alone in my fears/anxieties.

from Livia [Last
name and address withheld]

things could not
be better

like i said to you
before, the best [money] i have ever spent

my deep fears are
gone and thats all the help i needed.

Remember, you don’t have to decide
right now. Take it out on a test drive for a full eight weeks
– risk free.

If it doesn’t end half your fears
in the next fifteen minutes… if it doesn’t conquer your fears
and anxieties for good within days… if it doesn’t completely
end your panic in a few more… in fact if it doesn’t change your
life starting today — then I don’t want your money…
I’ll give it all back.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 am.

Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Coach

PS – If you’re wondering if this is right
for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

You CAN do this. I know it. With my iron-clad
guarantee – either it helps you starting today – or you get all
your money back.

What have you got to lose?


Ivar Myhre
1554 NW 21st Ave Gainesville
FL 32605Copyright
2014 All rights reserved
Helping people reduce
fear, escape anxiety & end panic since 2005 Click
here to contact me

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Click here to get Reduce Your Fear, Anxiety, Panic at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Reduce Your Fear, Anxiety, Panic is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.