Pros and Cons Of Submitting Your Article To Multiple Directories


most common antidepressants in Australia The Value Of Article Marketing One can never underestimate the value of article marketing, which has become an integral part of internet marketing.   Simply put, article marketing is the process of writing and publishing useful content as a means of drawing an audience’s attention to a particular product or service.  Submitting an article to multiple directories can be a way to gain visibility for your product or service.  On the other hand it can be a way to drive the nail in your marketing coffin. It should come as no surprise that marketers from every discipline are writing and publishing articles as a way to connect with potential customers, and send traffic to their websites.

buy zithromax in Al Fahaheel Kuwait Once created, your content can be published in a variety of places, including print newspaper publications, online publications, article sites, ezine sites, and blogs. Points To Consider

Here are a few points to consider, if you are considering article marketing as a way to promote your product or service.

If you are new to article marketing, it can be daunting process to get your material published on some of the major article sites such as Ezine Articles, Associated Content, and Article Base, because of very strict editorial guidelines related to the number of links that can be included in your article, the quality of the links, and where those links can appear.  

I learned the hard way that when publishing to these sites, it is critical that you learn and remain aware of the rules of a particular site and make sure your article adheres to those rules.  This will ensure your content is accepted for publication.

Failure to follow the rules can get you banned from a site permanently.

In all instances, you want to make sure that you check your article for grammar and spelling errors before submitting to any site.

where can you get cymbalta without a script Multiple Directories For Article Submission

There are literally hundreds of other article posting sites online, that offer less restrictive article submission.   While some reviewing is done on these sites, articles are not reviewed as painstakingly as the major article directories, and they are not as restrictive when it comes to the number or quality of links you can include in your article.  

If you are new to article publishing, these smaller article directory sites are a great place to get your feet wet before you actually start trying to publish to the larger sites.

In many cases, these free article directories as they are called, are set up and run by internet marketers wanting to get high-quality backlinks to their own website.  To facilitate that, they post their own content in addition to offering others the opportunity to post content to their article directory site as well.

For some, this is seen as a good way to build “backlinks” and increase search engine visibility for your website. Choosing an Article Directory

When considering adding your content to multiple article directories, it is a good idea to check out the article directory site to make sure it only allows quality articles, that offer useful information, and that are not over-crowded with advertising links.  This kind of loosely run directory can end up being a poor-quality article site – one that you would not want to post your article on.  Article sites that allow unrestricted linking often end up being excluded from search engine results, especially Google, and can end up hurting rather than helping your marketing campaign.  

If you choose to post your article on a site like this, in the final analysis, it will defeat your purpose rather than help you gain the exposure you need.

In the end, you can never get enough online exposure for your product or service.  While submitting your article to multiple directories is a great way to promote, you should carefully consider which directories to use.   If you choose wisely, it can go a long way to help create the exposure needed to ensure that your content is visible to the world.

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