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In the late 90’s the printers Denver specialists used began to revamp the digital printing process which reduced cost as well as production time. New equipment was introduced and the technology was perfected to allow printers to obtain high quality digital prints in just minutes. Nowadays, printers Denver companies are using are quickly being replaced with a new technology that is more affordable and highly sophisticated and in fast moving market like Denver, you must keep up with the competition or you will soon be left far behind.

IBM, Xeikon, Agfa, and Xerox all were battling to be the best. The productions included fixed imaging on press plate as well as plateless imaging where the production was direct to paper. Artists were noticing the ease of using the digital printers and began leaving the dark rooms to come out into the new light.

The new models of digital printers Denver companies were using were sophisticated and offered the ability to create short runs in just minutes and the modifications that were being made to the existing equipment was creating a new fad of image production everywhere. The reduction in cost to create these high quality prints created a boom in the market and made way for more technology and more companies to jump into this fast paced market.

The companies that were battling for first place included Xeikon who seemed to always be in the lead of the new technology. They started creating more and more press configurations that were designed to meet any budget. The use of the equipment was geared towards architects, photographers, draft designers, business executives and more. The uses of digital printers Denver specialists use today however are virtually endless.

The ability to create a digital print and send it through an electronic file all over the city as well as the world made the market that much more valuable. There was no longer a need to send prints through the mail where they could be lost, damaged or destroyed. The designs and templates are easily created from press or completely electronic and then a click of the mouse will send them to anyone, anywhere within minutes. The digital prints can be printed from any location, being placed on CDs, smart drives, and even emailed to business locations where printing capabilities are readily available.

The digital printers Denver experts use offer many new benefits as well as lower the environmental impact. With a dramatic reduction in chemicals that are hazardous to the earth, the digital printing era has brought with it a new clean, green feel and Denver folks can really appreciate this with nature virtually at their doorstep. The other benefits for those who use the equipment is the cost and time. To use digital printing is much more affordable than the traditional methods and the time spent in production is extremely lower than ever before. The ease of editing, cropping or altering images is made easy with the various software options designed just for digital images. The old methods are fading away and the dark rooms disappearing as more and more people are discovering that digital image printing is the only real sound choice for business.

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