Perform Better Elite molded Foam Roller, 3′ x 6″, Black Perform Better Elite molded Foam Roller, 3' x 6

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Pb Elite molded foam rollers do not contain cells making them last three times longer than traditional, celled, white foam rollers. The half-round versions can be used as balance beams. Unlike traditional celled foam rollers that break down and flatten out, these molded rollers do not have cells and therefore will last much longer. Available in five sizes (two are half-round versions). use for myofascial release, self-massage, and alignment. Pb Elite molded foam rollers provide you with a tool to help work out the muscle soreness (trigger points) and shrink pain in the body. Helps improve springiness and range of motion. Made from the highest grade foam available. These rollers are used for Pilates, yoga, massage therapy and physical therapy.Molded foam roller for improving your balance and increasing core flexibility
Cell-free molded form helps it last longer than traditional celled foam rollers
Lets you gently challenge your back, hamstrings, and other body parts
Assists with myofascial release by putting pressure on tender areas along muscle tissue
Measures 3 feet long and 6 inches round


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