Pay Per Click VS. SEO

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Pay per click can give you instant results that can be tracked using analytics.

Search engine optimization takes time to get good organic results. It involves link building and many other factors to achieve high rankings not to mention time! I used to do SEO for the last company I worked for its very time consuming and expensive. Most busy executives do not have the time to send off hundreds of email asking for reciprocal links. Who would want to?

Instant results = instant gratification. Think about this when you write an advertisement that is well written and relevant it can be placed at the top of all search queries through Yahoo and Google not to mention pushed out to Google and Yahoo's advertising networks.

Do not get me wrong SEO should be part of your overall marketing strategy, but if your new in the game or even old PPC can bring about instant leads, and sales. PPC is a tactical I think of SEO as a long-term strategy.

It's not just about getting those ads into PPC services like MSN, Google AdWords and Yahoo Search marketing, it's preparing your website with the information that your prospects are looking for. Is your website user friendly? Is there a contact form for them to fill out? Do you have conversion-tracking software on the backend to track your return on investment?

The website should be clean, easy to navigate. Contact information should be easy to see.

This takes planning. It is also a smart idea to start thinking about a budget. How much are you willing to pay to outrank your competition or to gain a new client? The goal is to get high conversion rates, and to retain these clients. Set up auto-responders. Create a newsletter or even start a blog. The more marketing online the better.

Just remember the higher your conversion rate the more profitable your website will become for you and thats what we should be looking for in our online business.

We want to turn our visitors into clients or at least warm leads, while providing them with information and great products or services.

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