Developing a Site Specific Safety Plan Template

It is important for site-specific or location based operations such as construction, engineering, surveying or mining to develop a site-specific safety plan, which can easily be based on a site-specific plan template for safety. Companies who haven’t drawn up their safety plan can use such a template as reference or guide. Business owners need to keep in mind though that a template is merely a starting point for developing their own unique safety plan. Each company would have its own unique circumstances dictated by its scope of work, its environment, number of employees, and many other factors.

Site-specific plans are important to operations such as mining, construction, surveying, real estate development, and the like because the conditions of the actual job site are unique and may not be similar to any other project that the company has undertaken in the past. Therefore, existing plans for safety may need to be adjusted or edited to suit new conditions. It is important for the business owners or for management to be on their toes and not to simply rely on a general, blanket plan that they may have been used to before.

A site-specific safety plan template is a good way to keep a standard safety document or manifesto on hand, which can be altered or customized as each new site-specific project comes along. The great thing these days is that the Internet is filled with available resource to help businesses come up with their own site-specific plans through the use of such templates. There are quite a number of informative and helpful websites on health, safety, occupational hazards, and related topics that offer templates or basic guide questions for companies to work on. These can serve as the initial take off points for companies to develop their own unique plans for their safety.

The good thing about referencing a such a template is that these would most usually already outline the standard best practices regarding safety and health, which are relevant across all industries and businesses. These would be considered universally standard or imperative safety rules and regulations. Moreover, these templates would outline the most basic or minimum standards that are in line with the requirements of local or city laws regarding safety, occupational hazards, and health. Therefore, utilizing templates such as a site-specific safety plan template is actually a great idea for businesses to save on time, effort and cost.

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What is 3c certification

“3C” certification, that the “China Compulsory Product Certification”, the English name “ChinaCompulsoryCertificate”, the English abbreviation for the “CCC”, referred to as “3C”. As a national security certificate (CCEE), the import safety license system (CCIB), the Chinese EMC Certification (EMC) triple the “CCC” certification authority, is the AQSIQ and the State commission and an international practice advanced signs irreplaceable importance. Since May 1, 2003, China will officially 132 kinds of products in 19 categories Mandatory Certification, Home Appliances The first product under the compulsory certification of products. In the future, players must be designated by the state certified qualified certification body, awarded the certification body to obtain the mandatory product certification, and labeling compulsory product certification mark (referred to as “3C” sign) in order to be manufactured, imported and Sell Qualifications. CCIB certification and the Great Wall had been certified companies must be certified by 3C.

3C certification that is short for China Compulsory Product Certification. On the legal basis for compulsory product certification, product certification mandatory range of products, the use of compulsory product certification mark, mandatory product certification were unified supervision and management requirements. To sum up the main contents of the following areas:

(A) in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international conventions and national law concerning human health and safety, animal and plant life and health, and environmental protection and public safety products unified compulsory product certification system. Certification and Accreditation Administration of the uniform national mandatory product certification system for the management and organization of implementation.

(B) the national compulsory product certification system, the main characteristics of the state announced a unified directory, determine the uniform application of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulate a unified symbol of identity, to establish uniform fees. Where the inclusion of compulsory product certification directory of products, must be designated by the National Certification of qualified certification bodies to obtain the relevant certificate and certification mark, the before entering, importing, marketing and business establishments in use.

(C) According to China’s WTO commitments and reflects the principle of national treatment, the original product covered by the two systems 138, the release of “directory” by deleting the original included in the mandatory certification of medical ultrasound diagnosis and management therapy equipment and other 16 kinds of products, an increase of 10 kinds of safety glass building products, the actual inclusion of “directory” of a total of 132 kinds of products compulsory certification.

(D) of the state compulsory product certification mark use of uniform. New national compulsory certification mark the name “China Compulsory Certification”, the English name “ChinaCompulsoryCertification”, initials can be referred to as “3C” sign. After the implementation of China Compulsory Certification mark will replace the original implementation of the “Great Wall” logo and “CCIB” mark.

(5) national unity to determine fees and mandatory product certification standards. New fees and charges will be developed in accordance with not-for-profit and reflect the principle of national treatment, considering the current charges, and to refer to the same certification fees and overseas fees.

(6) compulsory product certification system on August 1, 2002 come into operation, the certification body officially start accepting applications. The original product safety certification system and import safety license system since August 1, 2003 onwards abolished.

3C certification is actually the English name “ChinaCompulsoryCertification” (China Compulsory Product Certification System), in abbreviation, is the state compulsory product certification mark used in uniform. It is our government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international rules to protect consumers and animal and plant life, personal safety, environmental protection, protection of national security, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. Its main features are: a unified national public directory, determine the uniform application of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulate a unified symbol of identity, to establish uniform fees.
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How to Search For a File in a Directory Using C # (C Sharp)

This article, which is mainly a code snippet, will show you how to search for a file in a given directory. As you can see in the main method the search name is “win” which is the file name we are looking for and the folder is “C: Program Files”. The SearchDirectories method takes these two parameters and does the actual searching.

using System;
using System.IO;
public class FileSearch {
public static void Main () {
// The name to search for
String searchName = “win”;
// The directory to search in.
DirectoryInfo myDir = new DirectoryInfo (@ “c: Program Files”);
SearchDirectories (myDir, searchName);

public static void SearchDirectories (DirectoryInfo dir, String target) {
FileInfo [] files = dir.GetFiles ();
foreach (FileInfo file in files) {
if (file.Name.IndexOf (target)> -1) {
Console.WriteLine (file.Name);

DirectoryInfo [] dirs = dir.GetDirectories ();
// Searching in the subdirectories as well.
foreach (DirectoryInfo subDir in dirs) {
SearchDirectories (subDir, target);

This method is recursive because it calls itself, making it very efficient for searching through directories. This is necessary since it also searches each sub directory in a directory. So if you have a folder inside of a folder it will search for all the files in that folder as well.

The result of running this program will just be an output of the file names because all were doing with the file is: Console.WriteLine (file.Name);

This could be changed to something different such as deleting or moving the files, making this program a very compact and powerful program that can make menial tasks take much less time.

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Two Creative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Adult Website

Are you trying to get traffic to your adult website? This is a common problem among adult webmasters. Why? Because not everyone is above the age of 18 and is into adult websites. This can make it very hard to receive the amounts of traffic that normal websites can receive. So what is an adult webmaster to do? No, you don’t give up. You find creative ways to promote your adult website.

The first creative method you can use to get traffic to your adult website is by launching an affiliate program. If you aren’t familiar with what an affiliate program is, you will basically be paying someone part of whatever product or service you are selling on your site. But wait, YOU are going to have to pay people when they refer others to purchase your service or product? It actually is a great way for you to pull in some extra money. Let’s say, for example, that you sell subscriptions to your adult site for $40. You will pay your affiliate 50% of subscription fees, meaning that even though you have to pay them $20, you are able to pocket $20 in profit.

Affiliate programs give you the option to have your visitors that love your site the ability to make money by referring their friends to your adult site. This will surely get you extra traffic to your adult site. If you’re interested in affiliate programs, you can just do a Google search for “affiliate program scripts”. There are many free scripts out there that you can upload to your site and start pocketing extra money today.

You may also want to consider starting an opt-in mailing list. This will allow new visitors to opt-in to a mailing list which you can then use to hopefully convert into a new subscriber or purchase your adult product. Having trouble getting opt-in subscribers? You may want to try offering a free bonus. This works wonders, and I’m sure you’ll see a large jump in subscribers if you implement a free bonus.

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Source by Andrew Kalsky

Logistics Management, Traffic, Distribution, and Transportation


Planning, implementing, and controlling efficient and effective flow and storage of goods and services from point of origin to point of consumption to conform to customer requirements.


Managerial responsibility to design and administer a system to control the flow of material, work in process, and finished inventory to support business entity.


* Customer Service

* DISTRIBUTION Communication

* Inventory Control

* Material Handling

* Order Processing

* Procurement

* Packaging

* Traffic & Transportation

* Warehousing & Storage

* Demand Forecasting

* Return Goods Handling


* Rapid Response

This is concerned with a firm’s ability to satisfy customer service requirements in a timely manner.


Variance is an unexpected event that disrupts performance of the system.


To reduce and manage inventory to the lowest possible level while simultaneously achieving desired operation aim.


* Logistics is typically considered as the sub-set of Supply Chain Management

* Supply Chain Management has ( 5 ) key functions:






Logistics is involved at various stages of supply chain; from supplier to plants, from plants to distribution centers, from distribution centers to stores, from stores to customers.



1. How many plants and/or warehouses.

2. Where should the plants and/or warehouses be located

3. What merchandise volume each plant and/or warehouse have

4. Which plant should service which warehouse, and which warehouse should service which customers


* AVAILABILITY: This means having inventory to consistently meet needs of

Customer material or product requirement.


Means time spent from order receipt to delivery. Measured in terms of how well the company can accommodate customers unusual requests.



Quality attributes of Logistics.


* Physical Supply

Management of flow of rawe materials, spare parts, machinery and tools from suppliers

* Physical Distribution

Management of finished goods from the factory to the customers

* Logistical Controls

Efficient co-ordination of physical supply and distribution sub-systems


* Shippers

* Suppliers

* Carriers

* Warehouse providers

* Freight forwarders

* Terminal Operators

* Government

* Customers

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Viral Infection Headache Symptoms

Caught a virus and starting to experience severe headaches? If you start to have severe viral infection headaches, then you should check them out. It will be a good idea to ensure that your symptoms do not point to a case of meningitis. There are serious consequences from having meningitis.

So what is meningitis all about? This is an infection in the membrane that surrounds your brain. Brain and spinal cord infections can be very dangerous because they cause inflammation, which places pressure on your nerves. This will cause you to have a viral infection headache.

Inflammation can also cause the following symptoms:
* Fever
* Severe headache
* Feeling confused

Severe inflammation can cause these symptoms:
* Brain damage
* Stroke
* Seizures
* Death

A bacterial infection or virus causes meningitis. The body can usually fight and beat an infection. However, when the infection travels into the blood stream, it can then go into your brain and spinal cord fluid. It can then affect your nerves and move into the brain causing inflammation and swelling. This can damage or kill nerve cells and cause bleeding in the brain. It can also cause you to have a viral infection headache.

Brain swelling is very dangerous because the brain is a soft organ in a hard box (the skull). If the brain swells, there is nowhere for it to go, except against the walls of the skull. This is what causes the most damage.

There are several causes of meningitis. These include
* Bacterial infection
* Viral infection
* Fungal infection
* A reaction to medications
* A reaction to medical treatments
* Lupus
* Some forms of cancer
* A trauma to the head or back

Bacterial meningitis is the worst type because it can kill you. It often begins as an upper respiratory tract infection. From there it travels through your blood vessels to your brain. Then it can block up your blood vessels inside your brain triggering a stroke and brain damage.

Viral meningitis is the most common form. Usually viruses that enter your body through your mouth before going to your brain and multiplying cause it. You can find these viruses in the mucus, saliva and feces.
Other viruses that may cause meningitis include:
* Chicken pox
* Flu
* Mumps
* Genital herpes

Anyone can catch meningitis. This is especially true if your immune system is weak.

Meningitis often begins like the flu does. You may get a rash. The major symptoms include:
* Running a sudden fever
* A severe headache
* Stiff neck
* Dislike of light

Bacterial meningitis must be treated quickly. Severe bacterial meningitis will require intravenous antibiotics. On the other hand, antibiotics cannot be used to treat viral meningitis because they do not kill viruses.

Whether you are having bacterial or viral meningitis, what would be best for yourself is to get plenty of rest and give your body a break. In the meantime, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and go easy on your diet. Do follow the recommendations by your doctor during this period. Your viral infection headache and other symptoms will start to subside as your body recovers.

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The Recipe for Creating a Viral Video Worthy of Massive Views

What is it about a video that makes it go viral? Of course, videos featuring celebrities easily generate thousands of views within days. However, for the video uploaded by the average Joe or Jane, it takes a certain attention-grabbing element for it to obtain views in blowout numbers.

Anyone has what it takes to make a video go viral, and it doesn’t require anything more than a few seconds of footage taken from a cellphone cam. While luck is involved to a degree, it is much more about providing content that viewers would deem worthy of sharing through social media and word-of-mouth.

Why Would Someone Watch Your Video in the First Place?

What are the motivations for watching a video on YouTube? While some may watch a video for informational purposes, more often, people watch a video to be entertained. Whether it is a slow day in the office or because they have nothing better to do at home, people watch short videos because they want to laugh, to feel inspired or simply be amazed. For a video to leave its mark, the viewers need to undergo any of the following:

1. Laugh from the belly

2. Feel heartwarming inspiration that causes tears to roll

3. Feel their jaw drop because they just saw something unbelievable and utterly amazing

4. Make them say to themselves “Is this for real?”

5. Make them go “awe” due to the sheer cuteness of the content

Think about viral videos on YouTube that don’t involve celebrities. They all involve to an extent one of those five elements. They are also so out of the norm that people can’t help but talk about them. Consider the following examples of videos that have gone viral and how they fit into the paradigm:

Kid Beethoven – This is a video of a young boy, no more than 10 years of age completely owning a piano at a Costco store as if he was Beethoven incarnate. Patrons passing by soon became mesmerized and began filming this child prodigy on their cellphone cams. This video clearly falls under the category of being unbelievable and utterly amazing.

Soldiers Returning Home – This one’s a real tear jerker and is a compilation of service members returning home from deployment and surprising their loved ones at home or school. Whether you can relate to the video or not, it is one that brings a tear to your eyes because it reminds one of the importance of family and the tremendous sacrifices our men and women in uniform endure.

In a day and age where just about anything can be captured on film, videos are all over the Web. The ones that happen to go viral are the ones that really pull on the human emotion. These are the ones that the viewers deem worthy of being shared and soon become Web sensations as a result.

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Source by Muyen Peng

Directory Submission Appraisal

Directory submission should not be equated with spamming search engines with a daily dose of thousands of directory submittals for a single website. A directory submission should be researched as thoroughly as all other aspects of search engine optimization. Using the appraisal system of the search engines will keep your directory submission appraising your website and keep you in the search engine result pages.

Directory submission does not allude to mass-mail marketing efforts. Your website has to be indexed by search engines and build a reputation within the confines of search engine algorithms. Directory submissions can build links and increase your viability in search engine result pages – or they can knock your website out of the realm of search engine results completely.

Search engine algorithms look at the value of the directory submission website as much as they do to the website submitted to the directory. If the directory submission website is not worthy enough for search engines, it is not worthy enough for your website. Its poor reputation with the search engines will bring down your ranking. Page rank is not the deciding factor for directory submission. Appraising the quality of the directory that you are submitting your website to is just as important.

There are a handful of directories that have gained a solid reputation with SEO experts and are submitted to religiously. DMOZ, the Open Directory Project, is a prime example. Additionally, search engine websites accept that directory submittals from other search engines are reputable. For instance, Yahoo, Google and MSN would automatically accept each other’s directories and directory submittals based on their reputation.

Past that handful – word-of-mouth fluctuates between the beneficial and the harmful. There are, however, some not-so-microscopic details that can be examined to determine a quality of a directory. These are based on known search engine algorithms and how well the directory for the directory submission plays by the algorithmic rules.

Search engines tend to look at the directory’s submission policy. The directory’s submission policy should state that an editor will be reviewing your website submission, particularly if you are paying for the submission. This implies that the website will be reviewed for quality standards by the directory submission service. If a directory’s policy merely states that you are paying to be listed in a directory, without mention of an editorial review, it is likely that search engines will see this as a negative policy and it will be reflected in the search engine results pages (SERP). The search engines will also look for evidence that this directory submission policy is actually followed through with, and not merely a statement to skirt around search engine requirements.

Search engines also see massive automated directory submissions, particularly with new websites, as a sign of search engine spam. A search engine is likely to demote your website if it is guilty of search engine spam. Paying a few dollars for hundreds or thousands of directory submittals in a short period of time is highly likely to keep your website out of the SERPS. Once you have submitted your website to the authoritative directory submission websites, it is important for you to cautiously submit your website to niche directories, content related directories, and geo-targeted directories to develop healthy linkage and traffic exposure. Examining a directory policy, reviewing the website for overt advertising, paid link farms, and obvious spam will ensure that your website will move up in the SERPS and not be knocked down into the search engine abyss.

Directory submission appraisals are a necessary part of website promotion. Search engine optimisation and website optimisation must always consider the reputation of the website from a visitor’s point of view, and from a search engine’s point of view. Appraising the directory for your website’s directory submission is an important part of reputation management and search engine optimisation. If you want what’s best for your website, appraise your prospective directories for their influence on your SERPS. A quality directory submission will help bring your website into quality search engine result pages – then you’ll be on your way to appraising your new quantity of website visitors.

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Source by Lina Smith

DMOZ Editors – Does Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely?

DMOZ editors are supposed to be professionals in the category that they choose to edit and review. They are also supposed to have high standards when it comes to giving the general public quality websites with content that pertains to the category in which they are editing. But, is this really the case or does the absolute power given by DMOZ corrupt these editors into making decisions based on just what they like or as favors to the owners of the websites they are reviewing?

When you submit your website to the DMOZ directory it is then handed off to an editor to review your website, all of your website pages and to intelligently write the description of your site. Whether your website is included is in their hands, they have the power to include, delete, and even ignore your submission. How the power that DMOZ gives influences their overall behavior is another subject. You will find that the thought of having absolute power does affect each editor and reviewer in various ways.

If the editor is honest and upholds the standards that are set by DMOZ then power has not gone to their head and they understand that working as a team member to create the largest directory with quality websites is the main goal then your website will reviewed on its own merit. This is the type of editor you hope will review your website. Your website will have a much better chance of being included and at a much faster rate.

But, remember, the editors and reviewers at DMOZ are also human. No matter where you go you will find people that are not honest in their dealings. DMOZ gives them power and many do not know how to handle this responsibility in a business like manner and have unscrupulous behavior, as with any group. When one of these editors, reviews a website, it may not be gone over with the DMOZ standards in mind. The “God Syndrome” as I like to call it takes over, and they will make their decision from their own standards and ignore quality websites.

This is kind of like putting a child in a room full of chocolate and asking him to only choose the best ones out of the bunch and leave the others alone. In his mind, all chocolate is good, no matter the size, the manufacturer, or the ingredients. He will of course not pay much attention to what he is really choosing and will probably choose the flashy and colorful packaging. As a DMOZ editor looks over a website, do they really look for quality content that is useful or do they just say “This one looks fine” and goes no farther than the front page. I believe this does happen quite often as many of the websites in DMOZ only have one page and no other content. As an example, you can check out under Home, Cooking, under Chili and you will see what I mean. Many of these only have one webpage, only one to three recipes and several advertisements. Is this really considered a quality website with original, unique and valuable informational content that contributes something unique to the category’s subject?

I am not saying that every editor at DMOZ lets this absolute power cloud their judgment, but we are talking about human nature and it takes all kinds of people to create a large directory such as DMOZ, good and bad. The quality editors will do their best to include websites with high standards and will only be out to benefit the directory as a whole. But, you will also find editors that are out to make a name for themselves, get something in return for including websites or just do not really care who or what they include.

So, does absolute power corrupt absolutely? I would have to say, yes, in certain individuals that do not have the integrity it takes to be a team player, only consider themselves or their own group of acquaintances, clients, or affiliates, and love the feel of absolute power over others. If world leaders can be corrupt when given power then you must agree that an editor of DMOZ can also be corrupted, absolutely.

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Source by Lee Munson

The importance of managerial accounting in the workplace

Managerial accounting is concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many activities of an entity and to support the management decision course. Management accountants play important roles more specifically in planning & coordination with production, marketing and financial functions. A subset of the managerial accounting profession is cost accounting which relates to the determination and accumulation of products, processes, or service costs. Management and cost accountants are focused on the internal aspects of a business to keep it efficiently running and profitable.

Managerial and cost accountants use a lot of the same data used by financial accountants. The difference lies in the fact that the data used for managerial accounting is more likely to be used for a future orientated purpose whereas the financial accounting process is showing what has already taken place. Examples of future orientated planning are budgets, benchmarking, and profit projecting. This also means that managerial accountants can take a more proactive approach when it comes to tackling business and economic troubles that can and due arise for many companies.

Planning is a key part of the management process and although there are many descriptions of that process, a generally accepted definition would include reference to the process of planning, organizing and controlling businesses’ activities so that the organization can achieve its desired outcomes. Being able to anticipate what revenues will be and forecasting the expenses that will be incurred to achieve those revenues are critical activities in the budgeting process. That ability is crucial to many aspects of a company and allows employees’ to make more educated business decisions.

The internal orientation that management accountants have to their companies differs from the predominantly external orientation of financial accounting. Financial accounting is more externally important to such people as investors and shareholders. Management accountants work hand and hand with other internal departments such as merchandising, accounting, marketing, web and more. An example of this would be a managerial accountant working with a merchandiser to figure out how many units of a garment they can purchase in the next year and still have a good profit margin.

The benefit of management accounting is that it is not constrained by generally accepted accounting principles, which means that approximate results can be generated quickly for decision-making activities.  Which means while accuracy is valued in the data, relevance is more important for managerial accounting reporting. This is also helpful because it allows the managerial accountant to adapt to different economic climates, business strategies and departments changing needs.

In order to become a managerial accounting professional a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting is usually a requirement.  A management accountant should possess great analytic and people skills since they will be dealing with many different people and departments in a professional role. A management accountant may also become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) by passing a respective board four-part test. The CMA examination is given in a computer-based format using objective questions only. In addition to the status that comes along with this professional designation, CMAs are often given greater professional responsibilities and higher compensation than those who do not have a CMA title.

There are many helpful resources that are available to managerial accountants acquire valuable information that pertains to their professions. An example of a helpful resource is The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) that is dedicated to advancing the role of the management accountant and financial manager within the business organization, and provides relevant professional certification. Becoming a member of the IMA would be helpful to anyone in a business role that involves making decisions based on financial information.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) states that management accounting as practice extends to three areas: strategic management, performance management and risk management. Strategic Management is advancing the role of the management accountant as a strategic partner in the organization. Performance Management is developing the practice of business decision-making and managing the performance of the organization. Risk management is contributing to frameworks and practices for identifying, measuring, managing and reporting risks to the achievement of the objectives of the organization.

The future possibilities for managerial accountants are endless. Since they are used so much in planning financial aspects of business they will always play a crucial role in a wide range of companies. The career path of a managerial accountant is a safe one because it is timeless and able to adapt to ever changing analytics and technologies that can aid in the planning process.

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Source by Michelle Moran