Overcoming Adversity To Reach Your Goals

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Sometimes It's The Little Stuff That Keeps Us From Reaching Our Goals.

Overcoming Adversity sounds like such a big scary deal! And sometimes trying to reach your goals turns into just that. Sometimes problems so big come up in our lives that we feel like someone just dropped a boulder on us.

Well, to be honest here, overcoming adversity of that magnitude, it usually goes one of two ways: you lay down under it and give up, or it makes you more determined than ever to reach your goals.

There are lots of things that can affect how you respond to that kind of adversity … your circumstances, the people who have the most influence on you, your resources, including both people and finances, and your faith, just to name a few .

But in this post, we're going to focus on all the little things that seem really insignificant, but actually have the power to derail you completely. So what am I really saying here?

You need to learn to Not Sweat The Small Stuff!

Training yourself to vent and get it over with and not dwell on the many little hurdles that pop up through your day, but instead to focus on the positive and what you can do to continue moving forward after a glitch or hiccup is a surefire way at overcoming adversity and reach your goals.

Let me share a quick, probably all familiar story with you to show you what I mean. This morning I was posting on Facebook and inviting people to our new 'Purpose and Passion' forum that people can actually access right inside of our fan page.

I'm really excited about having our new forum right inside of our fan page and I'm sharing invitations on my "friends'" walls. And then I decide to check out the forum and see if we're getting any visitors coming to it.

So of course, the site is totally down. Our hosting company must have been having some server issues, and you could not access the forum in Facebook or out of it. I was ticked !!! I had just spent a good hour making personal invitations, blah, blah, blah, and now it looked like it was a total waste of time.

And this little mishap came on top of an already challenge-filled day. I was NOT a happy camper. But a few minute conversation with my hubby Clint, who reminded me of who I was and how I choose to handle things, got me right back on track.

The events of this morning actually inspired this post, which is just one of the good things that came from me shifting my focus and choosing to keep moving forward towards my goals. And you know what? Overcoming adversity, at least the little things, can be just that simple.

(Oh, and by the way, the site was back up in like 20 minutes – it's actually a pretty awesome hosting company.)

One more quick story. We joined a very cool blogging / affiliate program that is still spreading like super juicy gossip. We notified our email list, posted it on Twitter and Facebook, and a bunch of other social sites, and then BAM! All that super rapid growth put a monkey wrench in the works.

The site was down for a couple of long, agonizing days, during which time we could have whined and rented, sent nasty letters, or even quit our membership. And being brand new members to this still very new community / program, let me tell you, it was pretty tempting.

But instead of getting disgusted and throwing in the towel, we just shifted our focus. We used that waiting period to get some blog posts ready for our brand new blog. We put our advertising campaign together, getting some good ad copy together and getting our emails ready for our list.

And lo and behold, by the time the site was up and running smoothly again, we had everything in place and were able to hit the ground running so to speak. Overcoming adversity in this situation was once again, simply a matter of choice.

So what's the moral of the story here? Do I really need to spell it out? I do not think so, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If you want to push past all the little dramas that pop up through your day and reach your goals faster rather than slower, than …

Get Over It, Get Busy, and Get'R Done!

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