Online Marketing Strategies & Tips – 3 Key Areas

\"Kostenlose Online marketing and advertising is constantly and exponentially on the rise, with digital media becoming a core component of many businesses’ marketing strategy. We all know that starting out is not easy and budgets are limited. This article provides some cost effective ways of promoting your website effectively without breaking the budget.

go to site how much does ampicillin cost Banner Ads Sceptics say Web Banners are too common and provide a low return on investment. However, when targeted at the right audience, Banner Ads can provide a great source of qualified traffic.

source link You need to approach Banner Advertising like pay per click keyword phrases. It makes no sense to target generic phrases for which there’s already too much competition. Sometimes it’s best to find an odd phrase to attract highly targeted traffic. The same rules apply for Banners. There’s no point targeting generic websites with high traffic because the Ad Space is expensive, highly competitive and may not be targeted. Consider what types of websites or blogs your target market visits. Seek out these sites and ask to place your Banner Ad in a prominent position, preferably their home page. Some blog or site owners may not even have any other advertisers displayed, which means they might not know to monetize their blog.

go to site You can then negotiate lower rates or even a trial placement

Visit an Ad Space Auction website to compare online Advertising Space for sale.

get link Directories

Submit your website to as many business and specialty directories as you can. Some provide a free link whilst others charge. is a most valuable resource as well as the Yahoo Directory. Its results are fed to thousands of smaller focused directories. However it can take weeks if not months to get listed because websites must be approved manually.

In the meantime you should be submitting your website to other directories relating to your subject area. Look for industry specific, vertical market, local, general business, professional membership and trade association directories.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track. Most applications are need to be made via an online form. Avoid the risk of not being found, or being rejected, by taking the time to find the best category and making sure your site is 100% complete. Look at the categories your competitors are listed in and also the ones that come up first for searches which accurately correspond to your website.

click here Articles

Writing an effective article provides your website with long term quality contextual links – the best kind. It also establishes you as an expert in your field. You can submit keyword rich informative text to e-zines, who are constantly looking for new content. You might even be able to write an article about your products or services and comply with the editorial guidelines. Once published, your article will be distributed to the ezine’s subscribers.

The resource box enables you to be credited with authorship together with a hyperlink to your website or email address. This is where you promote yourself, not in the article body. The purpose of the article body is to provide informative content. Readers won’t tolerate a sales pitch.

Be sure to focus on e-zines with the same target audience and a large subscriber base. You may also like to submit your work to an article bank. Publishers visit article banks on a regular basis to search for articles to include in their collection, with your resource box attached of course.

Marketing and advertising have become one and the same in the online world. Traditional advertising rules no longer apply as the lines blur between presenting your message and interacting with your targeted audience.

When implementing your campaign, it’s important to remember that consumers don’t wish to be sold to; they want to be informed and entertained.


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