Online Advertising For The Chinese Market

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When you need to get your products or services in front of a Chinese audience, where do you start? This article will give you some tips.

Whether you have a full line of products and services available that you want to market to China, or whether you only have one or two things available to China residents, you’ll want to get your website in front of Chinese eyes through online advertising methods with a Chinese twist.

Traditional Search Engine Submissions

Many of the largest Chinese search engines offer free submission for your URL to their search engine. Here are the largest sites and their URL submit pages:

Baidu is the #1 Chinese site on the web:

Baidu Submit Page –

The Chinese version of the #1 worldwide Internet search engine, Google:

Google China Submit Page –

Yahoo China is another popular search engine used by the Chinese:

Yahoo Submit Page – is another huge Chinese portal and search engine: Submit Page – is another large Chinese search engine: Submit Page –

Sunwukong is an up and coming English/Chinese search engine:

Sunwukong Submit Page –

KeepSo is another Chinese search engine that offers free submissions to their index:

KeepSo Submit Page –

Juxit is an English/Chinese meta search that offers both free and PPC URL submissions to their index:

Juxit submit page –


DMOZ – DMOZ is one of the largest and oldest human reviewed directories on the Internet. Their results are also used by many other large and small search engines, directories and portals. Google’s own directory section uses results from DMOZ, so it’s an important submission to make. For Chinese language or Chinese related sites, you can submit to DMOZ for free by clicking the Suggest URL link in the appropriate regional category. Submit carefully and pay close attention to the category guidelines, as DMOZ is notoriously hard to get into and extremely slow to review sites in their submission queue. Some sites are still waiting to be reviewed from several years ago!

Paid Directories

The following directories offer listings in their directories or search databases for a fee:

Yahoo – Yahoo has a traditional search engine, but they also have a directory section, where the results are very much like DMOZ, where everything is strictly categorized with top categories and then hundreds or thousands of subcategories under those. If your site is not commercial, is information or non profit, you can still submit to the Yahoo Directory for free, otherwise you’ll need to pay a yearly fee to be listed. Navigate to the appropriate category and then click on Suggest A Site. – On Sohu’s Add URL page, you can find some paid submission options to list your site in their directory:

It’s at – This massive portal offers paid submission and listing options here:

Pay Per Click

Don’t forget about pay per click, for many sites, it will be the easiest, fastest and sometimes the most cost effective method to reach Chinese users. Both the major PPC services from Google and Yahoo offer targeting to Chinese users.

There are endless other ways to promote your site to Chinese users, but these are some of the most popular and effective options.

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