Link Building Strategy for Self Managed SEO


can you purchase antibiotics online A well thought through and planned link building strategy is essential before embarking on a self managed link building campaign. The following post will outline a basic strategy that can be used for your website.

where can I find remeron generic mirtazapine Remember – every website should be treated individually so whilst this may work for one, it may be too much or too little for others.

luvox 100 mg buy online Europe Link building packages generally consist of a variety of link types. This is done deliberately as Google and other search engines do not favour one particular type of link, they like a variety from differing page sources. We will highlight how to use each product to formulate a link building strategy that may work for your website.

cheapest cipro 750mg Directory Submissions

buy zithromax in US online Web directory submissions are a quick and cost effective way of building some link popularity for your site. They are by no means the route to all our link building goals but they are a steady basis – we see them as always happening behind the scenes.

ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets We would generally submit your website homepage to web directories as certain webmasters do not accept deep links – An expected acceptance rate from manual directory submission is 60%. Directory submission sites range from well established high PR directories like DMOZ to new, up and coming directories that will pass the link juice over a longer period. As the vast majority are manually approved, acceptance can take between 12 hours and 6 months! We would generally submit the directories at around 100-200 per week and use no more than 10 different anchor texts – We would generally concentrate on the highest competition phrases with the directories to build weight to the home page.

go to site Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way of achieving deep links from high PR websites. As a lot of these are also high traffic sites, social bookmarks give you the chance to put your bookmark in front of a potentially large audience dependent on your niche.

Social bookmarking sites generally have an instant approval rate as user accounts are required to access the submission areas.

On the major social bookmarking sites – the Digg’s, the Stumbleupon’s of the world – the links are nofollow links – they do not pass any of the link weighting across and these are usually avoided in SEO. Social bookmarking sites counter this by placing your link in front of a potentially large audience searching in your niche.

Social bookmarking is an ongoing process and is often used to target the niche phrases contained on the pages deep within your website. – An example could be with the product name as the title of the bookmark.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven way of adding good authority to your website – as long as you are marketing the correct content! With between 300 and 500 words the norm for the majority of article submission websites, there is usually plenty of information within your company to write your own article. We offer an article writing service using SEO trained UK journalists as the copywriters.

The article is placed on a page of its own and generally with no other content on the page (adverts and navigation excluded). This gives you a very content rich page linking back to your website.

The links in article marketing are usually found in the author’s bio section of the article. A general rule is that 2 links are allowed – generally a high competition phrase to your homepage and a deep link to the page on your site the articles are targeting.

Theme Based Link Building

Theme based link building is the most search engine friendly link building technique available. When used correctly, it can reap benefits; when done wrong, it can be a very expensive mistake both to your company cash and also your website’s reputation.

Theme based link building is used to help target very high competition search phrases and are done in much smaller numbers than any of the services mentioned above. With an average link price of £10, theme based links are used sparingly – unless you have the budget of course.


Mix it up – don’t just concentrate on one link source – what if the algorithm changes?

Ask us!! We provide a submission service but we can also manage all your link building needs – from one site to a large portfolio. We tailor every strategy for your needs – be they financial or rankings.

Manual Link Building provide SEO services through link building including social bookmarking, article marketing and directory submissions . View and buy online here.


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