Incline Dumbbell Curls – Form, Benefits, and Tips

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The biceps are often the focal point of bodybuilding for the beginner and rightfully so.  They are one of the first muscles that people see and something that you’ll be complimented on quite a bit if you can manage to bulk them up.  Bulking up your biceps, however, requires that you utilize the correct exercises and forms.  In here, I’ll be detailing how to perform the incline dumbbell curl to its fullest extent and show how it’ll help you get big arms.

The incline dumbbel curl is similar to the seated dumbbel curl, except it takes place on an incline.  I recommend taking an incline of, say, 60 degrees.  This’ll ensure that you get the additional range of motion but also don’t feel uncomfortable.  Once you’ve found your seat and are ready to begin the incline dumbbel curls, you can sit down and start with your hands at your sides.  Then curl the dumbbells up one by one.  

Why is the incline dumbbel curl so effective?  Well, most of it has to do with the starting position of your arms.  They start fully extended and even stretched, granting you a greater range of motion.  These will put a good peak on your biceps and will also bulk them up considerably.  The additional range of motion also means you’ll get more workout per lift, making them more efficient than normal curls as well.

The incline dumbbell curl can be modified somewhat so that you can work the outter head of your biceps very intensely.  In order to do this, all you need to do is curl the dumbbell up to the side more than you would normally.  This’ll build up the outside of your bicep very effectively and you won’t be sacrificing any form or range of motion while doing it.

You should integrate the incline dumbbell curl into your arms day.  I don’t recommend doing more than 2-3 biceps exercises a day.  If you do that, however, make note that the biceps are actually not the only elbow flexor.  You’ll also want to work the brachialis and brachioradialis, both of which are fantastic for building mass.

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