How To Write A Directory Submission That Gets Accepted


order zithromax from Canada Okay, if you've done any reading up on Internet Marketing, you've probably read a thousand times that it's important to get your site listed in "good directories". Some will push, others will say it's a waste of time. Others will push free directories and some stand by the idea that a paid submission is the only way to go. Do you go broad-range or niche-specific? How do you know what to write?

watch Well, here's a list of things you should do, regardless of the directory you choose to submit to:

  • First and foremost – check to make sure your URL is not already listed! Believe it or not, there are many human-edited directories out there where people who do the editing will seek sites out. Skaffe and JoeAnt (links in footer) are two of them. If your site's already listed there, there's no need to pay for a listing!
  • Read the submission guidelines for EVERY site. Lately, directories have gotten pretty strict about what they will and will not allow, what will be considered and what will be immediately deleted. No two directories will have exactly the same rules.
  • Search through the directory to find the absolute BEST place to list your site. Do not try to list higher up in the directory thinking the PR would be better or that it will be seen by more people. You only get one listing per directory usually, so make it the most relevant category available.
  • Check out the titles and descriptions that are currently listed in the directory. They're likely not full of hype words like "best" or "# 1". Not "We are the best company for all your widget needs!" But rather something like, "Widget manufacturing company offers industry news, product specs and photos, tutorials, and online ordering options." Remember, directories are not newspapers – think of them more like phone books without the ad blocks in the yellow pages.

cheap anti depression pills The bottom line is this: Consider all different types of directories, free and paid, general and niche-specific, and even local directories that focus on businesses based on the geographical areas they serve. Save the ad hype for your PPC campaigns and always respect the submission guidelines for each directory!



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