How to Win in Traffic Court – Practical Tips to Help You Beat Your Ticket

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When you get a traffic violation, you really only have a couple of options. You can admit that you are guilty and pay whatever fines and fees required taking a hit on your insurance premiums or you can try to fight the ticket. There are many different motivations and reasons to fight a speeding ticket whether it's to save money or preserve your driving record for your job and one should be well rehearsed enough to be able to challenge a ticket or traffic violation.

The first thing you should do, although fairly obvious, is to dress nice and be respectable to the court. You are in a position where you are trying to convince the judge of your credibility. Your credibility is essential to provoking anything that you have to say. Yes, in a perfect world one could come to court dressed sloppy and the judge would not be biased but he or she is human and may subconsciously be impartial. Being respectful also goes a long way since you will be taken more seriously than being loud and argumentative.

You also need to know the violation that you are accused of. You need to look at the local laws and see what part of this law that you are accused of breaking. Sometimes there are exceptions. These laws and any and all exceptions may not be known to an officer who is just doing the best that they know at the time they have you the ticket. If you can find an exception, that can be your case. If you can not find an exception, you at least know what they have to prove in order to find you guilty.

Sometimes winning means you end up not having to pay anything and the ticket is dismissed. Sometimes winning can mean getting a more serious liability reduced or getting some sort of deal worked out. For example, arguing for something like traffic school is not a complete win, but when the indemnity will not be added to the points on your license and your insurance rates will not go up for the next 36+ months that can be seen As a win. So if all else fails a deal is not exactly losing.

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