How to Submit Websites to Yahoo! Directory and Dmoz


cheap lexapro no insurance Directory submission is not as easy as adding URLs to search engines. The latter only adds your URLs, press the submit button and then take a rest to wait the results. However, directory submission takes more complicated steps:

paxil 20 mg buy online Germany 1. category selection
2. website title and description
3. contact details.

enter If you have no idea about which category is suitable for your website theme, you had better use your targeted keywords to search the directory and review the websites and its descriptions on the results retrieved from your searches. Some web directories provide guidelines that are suggested to read before submission. Another method to find categories that match your website topics is to search the web directory by using the names or URLs of your competing websites and see what categories those sites are listed under. In addition, if your website is targeted in niche market, you are suggested to submit to local directory, not general directory. For example, if your website provides car rental service in Sydney Australia, you have to submit your sites to Yahoo! Regional instead of top level of Yahoo! Directory. follow url Yahoo! Directory Submission
Some web directories are valuable that deserves a deep research, such as Yahoo! Directory. It is a paid directory which charge US $ 299 to review your submission, but not guaranteed for inclusion. So it is possible that you spend $ 299 and get nothing in return. To having your websites included in Yahoo! Directory, please remember to choose right category and have well-written, relevant descriptions.

go Dmoz Submission
Reviews another major is Dmoz web directory Which is edited and maintained by vBulletin® volunteers. Due to the lack of volunteering editors, it takes at least half a year to have your sites being reviewed. Therefore, getting listed in Dmoz is a test of patience and perseverance.

buy antidepressant effexor for depression Steps to submit your websites to Dmoz successfully :

1. Site submission
2. Wait for three months
3. Send an e-mail to editors taking in charge of the category to ask for status
4. Wait for another three months
5. Send an e-mail to editors who is in charge of the upper-level category
6. Wait for another three months
7. Find helps in ODP forum
8. Wait for one month
9. Send e-mails to multiple senior editors and seek helps in various forums Submission Rules:

1. Only submit your site one time unless your site is being excluded by search engines.
2. Find specific category and follow each step accordingly.
3. Create a brief description (under 25 words).
4. Use the current content of your sites. Do not use exaggerated words that mislead the editors.
5. Avoid keyword abuse in site description.
6. Remain humble. Do not use fake statement.
7. Be patient. It takes at least half a year to have your sites included in the directory. Repeated submissions will not accelerate the process.

It is time-consuming and hardworking to submit your websites to web directories. But it brings long-run benefits.


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