How To Get High Value Inbound Links

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Directories are NOT Search Engines. They are directories, like phonebooks, that have been categorizing the Internet for years. Of the most prominent directories on the Internet the top one is DMOZ but there are also some 200 lesser known ones.

Some of the Search Engines use the directory contents in their Search Results. Look Smart is one, AOL is another. Yahoo used to use the DMOZ directory as part of its search results. Many lesser known, but active, search engines use directories as the basis for providing information for all of their searches.

Search Engines will see these highly rated inbound links and raise your ranking. They sometimes see these as added credibility for your website. At the very least it creates more ways for people, and search engines, to find you and this means more traffic – for free!

The DMOZ Directory

The DMOZ directory currently has over 590,000 categories and sub categories. However, the main directory itself is made up of only 16 main categories. All other categories fall under these 16 "top level" categories. Think about this – Everything in the known universe is categorized under 16 categories. This may seem impossible but when you look at the DMOZ directory you realize it is true!

The DMOZ directory is maintained by over 64,700 humans who have volunteered their time to help organize what, otherwise, would be utter chaos. Could you pay that payroll every month?

DMOZ has its own built in search function. But the idea is to click your way through a main category going down, sideways, backwards and up and down. Within just a few seconds you should be able to find the category you are looking for and then you are presented with a list of relevant sites.

The beauty of directories is that you get to decided what is relevant NOT the Search Engines. You then click the related link and your search is over. What could be simpler? My only question is why more people do not use this treasure trove of information.

How to Get Listed In DMOZ

Remember DMOZ is staffed by volunteer editors, which means it can sometimes take a while to get your site listed. I have listed some simple steps below that should speed up your process. This is the methodology I used to get my sites listed within days – NOT your typical months.

1. First and Foremost find a relevant category that has an editor. When you have found the category in which you would like to be included scroll to the bottom of the page and look for an editors name, or handle. If you find a statement that says "Volunteer to edit this category" it means you have found a category with NO active editor. So listing your site here means it could take months to get your site listed.

2. Here is the most important tip I can give you. On the bottom of each category page it will tell you the date that the category was last updated. If the date says January of 2002, for instance, there is a very good chance that no one is going to be updating that page very quickly so move on. Look for a category with a very recent date, which has an editor listed, this illustrates that someone is actively updating that page.

3. You found your category but it does not have an editor, now what do you do? Go back to the top and select the NEXT best category. All DMOZ main categories have what are called "Meta Editors". These are in charge of several, sometimes hundreds, of sub categories. SO if you can not find the proper category submit your site to the main category and the Meta Editor will pass it along to the proper sub-category editor. Just remember this will add time to how long it takes to get your site listed.

4. Other tidbit – Did you know you are actually allowed TWO listings within DMOZ? The first listing is "subject" specific. The second listing is "Geographic" specific. To list in this second category drill down through the "Regions" portion of DMOZ. When you find your region (be as specific as you want all the way down to city) and submit your site for inclusion. Just remember tip # 1 above. The same applies here.

5. What if you still have no luck? Find the closest category that fits and write the editor a really nice email explaining your dilemma. Most of the editors will write you back, IF YOUR NICE! The editor you wrote to will usually give you some helpful tips or maybe even a contact name to work with to get your site listed. You can find out how to write an editor by clicking on their name at the bottom of the page.

6. Your MOST important tip. Read the category description! Read, read the category description very carefully and follow the rules set down. The editor will very often give you tips and hints as to what they want to get from you. If they ask for a 20 word site description DO NOT give them a 25, 30 or 50 word description! If you insist on writing long flowing paragraphs your site will probably NEVER get listed! Why? Because to maintain integrity each editor is required to go read through your site. Bottom line is you are wasting their time by not following the rules – remember these are volunteers that also have other jobs.

7. DMOZ editors do not have conflict of interests. Each editor has to go through a review process where they submit the urls of all the sites that they are associated with. The editor and his associated sites are reviewed and if he is accepted he would be in charge of non-conflicting categories. All editors are currently under review.

8. DMOZ is fair. There is not any race to the top of the lists. You can not buy your way in you can not purchase paid listings to get listed higher. The sites are even listed in Alphabetical order unless you drill down through the categories.

9. Why go through all of this work? Its worth it because DMOZ supplies its database to over 322 other Search Engines, directories, intranets and databases. For a FREE listing that is a lot of bang for the buck!

10. Volunteer to become an editor. You might have some fun or, at the very least, you will learn a lot about how to market more effectively online. According to the DMOZ administration it does not take a lot of time and could be a lot of fun.

ZEAL Directory from LookSmart

How do I add a site to the Zeal Directory?

The Zeal directory is for Non-Commercial sites only. They use the same guidelines as the DMOZ directory uses. So pay attention to the guidelines and be sure you submit your site BEFORE you add any monetization links! I strongly suggest you read their guidelines before pursuing.

Again, this is one of those sites that uses editors and can not be used for advertising. When you write your site description be very careful to only include a factual description. The best way to understand the write up methods that they will accept is to take the test they offer when you first sign up.

Go to: and register. Familiarize yourself with their site and take the test. If you miss any questions analyze carefully why you missed the question. This is the most important thing you can do because when you are ready to add your site you'll get it right the first time – and win favor with the editor! Why? Because you made his / her job easier!

Here are just a few other directories you can list in:

Remember these will create Inbound Links for your site and also enhances your site in the eyes of the Search Engines. Will they directly increase your Page Rank – No, but they all add credibility to your site.

Also consider listing in topic specific directories. These can be found at:

In closing let me leave you with the most important tips in getting listed in the directories.

o Do not try to list your site until you have at least 10 Tier 2 pages.

o Do not have any commercial links on your site. All of these directories prefer non-commercial sites and if you have a bunch of links on your site pointing out to sales sites they may consider your site a commercial site.

o Always list with the directories BEFORE you start swapping links. Many of the links you may swap with will go to commercial sites affecting your status.

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