How to Call International Directory Assistance

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International Directory Assistance is a special and helpful service that people can use if they need contact information about their relatives or friends in distant places or in other countries. This service is commonly used by individuals who need to reach their loved ones abroad but are not sure if their families or relatives are still using the same contact number. Below are the steps that can be followed whenever you need to use the directory assistance service.

How to Call International Directory Assistance

There are three options when calling the directory service. The options include the use of the service's toll free number as well as the use of the Internet. To assist you, let us have a closer look at the three options.

Option Number One

The first option when contacting the special service is to get your landline phone and dial double zero. As you reach the service, you will hear a voice recording that will instruct you how to use the directory. Follow the instructions carefully. As soon as an operator answers the call, tell the operator to direct you to International Directory Assistance. When the call is directed, ask the operator about the contact information of the person that you wish to call.

Option Number Two

The second option is to use your landline phone or mobile phone to contact the hotline of the directory, which is 1-800-225-5288. Dial the hotline and wait for a recorded message. After the initial recording, dial to 21 and wait for the second recording. As soon as the second recording is done, dial zero. When the call was directed to an operator, tell the person that you need to contact International Directory Assistance.

Option Number Three

The third option can be done with the use of the Internet. Start your computer and launch the Web browser. Use the Internet to search or look for the company code of your telephone service provider. Check if the company code is three to four digits. After getting the code, get your landline phone or your mobile phone and dial 101 and the company code. A voice recording will be heard as you reach the hotline of your long distance provider. Follow the instructions mentioned in the recorded messages. Wait until an operator answers the call. When an operator answers the call, ask to direct your call to the International Directory Assistance. To avoid having problems, make sure that you know some personal or basic information about the person that you wish to call.

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