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My friend had been trying in vain to sell his truck in his local newspaper. After, spending way too much on advertising, he finally approached me and said, "Will you help me sell my truck ?"

I agreed to help him and we began to discuss the easiest way to do the job. I immediately said that if I were to decide to sell my truck the first thing that I would do is look online for a solution.

It would be easier to sell my truck online simply because there is a huge audience all across the country who desire cars such as new and used trucks.

We continued to talk and I said that when people search the internet, they are generally searching for a specific item or product where the newspaper is a hit or miss situation since the viewing audience is so spread out in their needs.

He said, "will it be hard to sell my truck on the internet since I've never done it before?" I told him that there were several online classified services that provided fairly easy instructions on how to post an advertisement.

Then he replied, "will it be expensive to sell my truck ?"

Of course, I could not give him an exact quote on what it would cost him, but I did tell him he should go online and search google, yahoo, dmoz, msn, and the various search engines to find pricing on truck classifieds.

However, I did say that if I were to sell my truck online, finding a good web site to advertise my truck would probably cost anywhere from free to around a hundred dollars. It all depended on the web site, their options, and the number of people that would be exposed to my advertisement.

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