Guide to Dmoz Directory Submission

\"Kostenlose The open directory project is one of the most highly respected directory on the internet. Due to the diligence of the editors, only quality sites that provide useful information will be listed. The open directory is managed by a group of volunteered editors. The submission of the site is evaluated by the editor.

click Since Dmoz accept lots of submission every day, it is very hard for them to review all the sites because of the limited editors. The editors are not paid and hold their own job. The editor will only review the site during his or her free time. Due to this fact, it can take a long time to get approved. Sometimes, error in the database occur. As a result, all the submission details are wiped out from the database. Users will then have to resubmit their site and queue the backlog.

source url To maintain the Dmoz directory, the editors have set up a submission guidelines. If the users violate these policies, their site will be deleted from the database. Before submitting to the Dmoz directory, you should take some time to read the submission guidelines.

doxycycline 100mg NZ Determine if the Site is Appropriate for Submission

see The Dmoz directory has several strict requirements on the websites they accept. Mirror sites are not allowed. Mirror sites refer to sites that contain same content but use a different URL. Sites that contain similar content of sites which are already listed in the directory will also be rejected. For example, an affiliate site is not recommended for submission since the official site is already listed in the dmoz directory. The URL should not be submitted multiple times. Generally, you should only resubmit after 3 months if it is still not approved in the directory. The site which you submit must not redirect to a different address. In addition, site with illegal content such as pornography, or material that infringes the intellectual copyright protection will not be considered for submission.

go here Next, you should check the directory to make sure your site is not already listed. After that, you must identify the right category for the site. The open directory has a lot of categories which you can choose from so there should be one category that is relevant to the site. If you submit to an unrelated category, the site may be rejected. You should submit the website to the lowest level of category. Some categories don’t have the suggest URL link. If the categories don’t have the suggest URL link, it means the site cannot be submitted to the category. Sites with pornographic content will also be declined by the editors.

antidepressant medication without insurance When submitting the site to Dmoz, make sure it is already finished. There should not be a single page that is under construction. If there is any part of the site that is unfinished, you should finish it first before submitting to the Dmoz directory. Sites that has under construction sign are less likely to get listed.

watch Submitting the Site

buy amoxil in Mecca Saudi Arabia After selecting the best category, you can click on the suggest URL link. The submission page contain a submission guidelines. The descriptions should be brief and accurately describe all the content on the site. The description should only describe the site and cannot contain promotional words. If the description is more promotional than objective, the approval time for the site will be delayed since the editor will have to spend time to correct the description. Using auto submission software to submit to Dmoz directory is a violation of the Dmoz submission guidelines. The site which are submitted through an automatic software will be recorded into the blacklists. Sites in the blacklists will be prohibited from being listed in the directory. The Dmoz directory will not send an email notification to inform that your site is deleted. If you persistently use automatic submission, your IP address will be banned. Once they banned your IP address, you will no longer access the site.

After You Submit the Site

After submitting the site, the editor will review your submission to see if it meet with the requirement to be listed in the directory. If there is a long backlog in that particular category, it will take a longer time for the site to approve. Sometimes, if the editor is online, it can immediately approve the site within a few minutes. Submission of different URL from the same site is not encouraged.

After the site is listed on Dmoz, it will take 2 weeks for the search engine spiders to crawl the site. Dmoz are supported by many major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others. If the site did not appear on the search engine after 2 weeks, you can contact the editor.

If you want to speed up the approval time, make sure the site don’t have broken links. You can use an broken link checker to check the link on the site. In addition, the site navigation should be user friendly. Typically, the user should not click more the two links in order to get the destination page. The content on the site should be unique. Site with professional template usually get approved much faster. The most important thing is that the site must provide useful information for the public. The information must not be already provided by the sites listed in Dmoz directory. For example, you can submit a site about that teaches people how to create embroidery of designs which is developed by you.

Update Your Site Title and Description

Sometimes, the editor will make modification to the title and description of the listing. If you are unsatisfied, you can send a request by using the update URL form. You should always be polite and show respect to the editor otherwise your listing will be deleted. In the update URL form, you must include the reason why you want to make the modification and how you want them to be corrected. Generally, it will take up to 3 days for the editor to respond.

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