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buy citalopram 40 mg for anxiety A free reverse phone directory is more or less similar to a normal telephone directory offering details regarding a telephone user. A reverse phone directory differs from the normal telephone directory in that, here customers search the directory with telephone numbers as the search item to get key information such as the name and address of the telephone user. This is just the reverse of the popular name-based phone number searching in normal telephone directories. Hence the name reverse phone directory.

follow url Today a number of free reverse phone directory services are available for users, with the majority of them offering their services online. Almost all free reverse phone directories allow their customers to search details regarding a telephone number by just entering the area code and the telephone number as the inputs. These directory services then search their database with the users input number and instantly provide clients with various details such as name and street address of the telephone owner, the name of phone carrier provider, and whether the number is a landline number or a wireless number.

luvox cost in Canada The benefits of using such reverse phone directories vary according to the needs. As most free reverse phone directory service providers keep their clients searches private and confidential, users can search for personal information regarding telephone numbers without having to reveal their identity. These free reverse phone directories provide information regarding the source of threatening and harassing phone calls one may have received. You can also locate those anti-social characters, who play pranks on you over the phone. Moreover, you can find details about unknown numbers on your telephone bill and obtain information on numbers stored on your caller ID phone.

buy augmentin 635mg online USA Most of these free reverse phone directory services get their data from government and public documents, demographic information, from periodicals and magazines, and also from third parties. With an increasing number of free reverse phone directory services now offering online services with customization to specific regions and states, users now have easier and free access to the information they require.

source url Even though it is the commercial reverse phone directory service providers who give more detailed information, the basic details provided by free reverse phone directories are sufficient to obtain the required information about a person or business firm. Although most reverse phone directory services provide accurate information, it is wiser to double check the identity of retrieved information such as personal names as there may be people with identical names residing in the same area or home. So a detailed personal inquiry can help you a great deal, in case you may have to take legal action in cases regarding telephone misuse.



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