Five Ways To Get Listed In Google


follow link Submit to Google directly If we follow the normal procedures, most likely we'll use this link to submit our site to Google. After you've submitted your blog, you've got to wait. But how long? It may take several weeks or even months. The worse case, for whatever reasons, you blog do not get listed at all! According to Google, We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the web, and we invite you to submit your URL here. We do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we can not make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear. From the above, we know actually there are chances that your blog will be indexed when they crawl the web. So, no doubt you can get your blog listed even without submitting it to Google. Below are some other measures that could help your blog to get recorded to Google even without submitting to it.

source link Make use of the signature's place

follow site Join some famous and popular forums like Digital Point and put the URL of your blog inside the signature. Of course, just putting your URL in the signature is not enough; you'll also need to participate in the discussion with some posts to show your URL. Remember, do not just put your blog's title in the signature, add a simple description to it also.

follow Bad: ABC's Blog
Good: ABC's Movie Blog – Movie Review and News

price of cymbalta 40mg generic By doing this, you'll enjoy the benefit that next time when Google crawls such popular places, it will see your blog. On the other hand, other members may interested in your blog and offer to exchange links. What is better than killing two birds with one stone?

buy amoxicillin in Mecca Saudi Arabia Link exchange with similar blogs

Beside of joining the forums, you could also ask the webmasters of similar blogs to exchange link with you. This will increase your chance of getting indexed when Google crawls those sites.

Share your articles

Remember my article of getting some free content to fill up your blog? There are sites that provide free articles and let you to republish in your blog. This time, instead of using those articles, why do not you submit your own articles to it? Just remember to submit the article with your resource box in it (usually placed in the end of the article). The resource box will include some information of you and most important, the URL of your blog. Next time, when Google crawls it, it will notice your blog's link in the resource box.

Register with other search engines

Finally, always remember to register with other popular search engines like Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ also. Your blog will probably get indexed by Google if it is listed in other famous search engines.

Good luck!


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