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An email directory is a directory where email addresses are stored along with corresponding information. The directory is then made available to the members of the public who would want to use it. Reasons why people need an email directory includes: to locate a lost email address, to match an unknown email address with a name, to locate someone's address with just the person's email, to be able to get the alternative email address of a person and so on. All these are reasons why people require the services of an email directory. Now the directories are mainly of two types: the paid service and the free service. Let's look at the latter first.

A free email directory is one that allows people to run a search against there database free of charge. Although the services here are given free, it has so many flaws. The first of them being that the email address in the directory is usually the free email services such as yahoo etc. they do not cover paid email services. Also due to the cost of updating a database, they find it very hard to update their database. This makes most of the information gotten here to be greatly out dated. Also most free email directories only give out the name of the email address owner as the result they have, things like address, employment history etc are not included in their result report. Now this is not to say that the free directories are a piece of junk but they should never be relied upon solely.

With a paid service you will get every conceivable form of information on an email address and any info gotten with it is usually very accurate and up to date. This is because they do not only get their data from the email providers. They also get it from relevant government agencies where people always drop their email address for one reason or the other. These databases also cover every type of email and the success rate when it comes to getting a result with a paid service is on the high side of 90%. This is of course if you use a good service.

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