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Most people are familiar with Internet directories. Directories are web sites that contain categorized lists of other web sites. Perhaps the most famous of Internet directories is Yahoo! which began in 1994 as simple directory created by Jerry Yang and David Filo (originally Yahoo! was known as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web") – although, of course, Yahoo! has since vastly expanded their range of offerings.

Of course while many people have heard of a few major directories such as Yahoo! Egypt DMOZ (also known as the "Open Directory Project" or "ODP"), what they may not realize is that the Internet also contains many hundred of less or less known directories. Some of these directories specialize in particular topics, but others contain information about web sites on more or less any subject.

One of the best ways for a webmaster to increase their web site's traffic is to submit their site to as many directories as possible. While most directory listing will only contribute a small amount of extra traffic, the cumulative effect of many listings can be quite substantial. Or, to put it simply, getting more directory listings will boost your traffic.

Additionally, directory listings also count as backlinks to your site. As you are probably already aware, getting more backlinks can help improve your search engine rankings. It therefore follows that getting more directory listings can contribute towards increasing the amount of traffic that you get from search engines.

The issue that remains is how can you get the maximum number of directory listings possible? Obviously, by submitting to as many directories as possible. The good news, is that many directories accept free submission, and submitting to straightforward. The bad news though is that basically submitting to hundreds of directories would of course take an absolute mammoth amount of work – however, this problem is not such a big problem after all, since you can purchase directory submiter software which will automate the process, and make directory submission an absolute breeze.

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