Directory Links, Are They Worth It? Three Things You Should Know About Directories

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I believe that there are at least 3 things to know about anything. Three funny things. Three important things. Three weird things. Three things.

You get the idea.

Three Things …

You should know about DIRECTORIES

  1. Not all directories are created equal.
  2. A link to your Web site in a reputable directory can have a positive effect on ranking in search engines.
  3. One good directory to be in is Best of the Web.

The best way to naturally build links is with quality, relevant content. But how do we get the initial visibility for our quality content?

Listing in a high quality directory is a good place to start. Directory listings may not offer much traffic these days, but they can help get your site indexed by search engines and build some trust.

It's important to remember that not all directories are equal. Some are great, some are junk, and some are in between. Google is known to trust some directories more than others. Usually the ones with human editors, that charge a fee and do not accept just any submission.

1. ODP or DMOZ (Open Directory Project). The ODP has been problematic for a few years. It's hard to get reviewed, but the ODP is still a quality link because it feeds the Google Directory.

2. The Yahoo! Directory is another great directory. The Yahoo! directory costs $ 299 per year and they charge even if they do not accept you.

3. Best of the Web is one of the original Web directories. A quality, human edited, general directory with good interior PageRank and select listings, Best of the Web has an annual review price of $ 79.95 and a lifetime review price of $ 239.95. Inclusion in the directory is not guaranteed and your review fee is not refundable.

4. And, of course, The shear volume of quality content in EzineArticles ensures that search engines index these pages frequently. Also, they work vigilantly keeping the site's reputation sparkling, making links from EzineArticles valuable.

Are these directory links worth it?

Trust is a big factor with Google and other search engines these days. Directories that impure strict editorial control and do not accept just anyone boost the trust factor in Google's eyes. It makes that directory and the link to your site, a trusted link … this is a big deal.

If you're a spammer, you're definitely able to spend hundreds of dollars to try to list your site in quality directories, only to be redirected. Therefore, if you are considered to be a serious, quality Webmaster, and able to get listings in quality directories, Google recognizes that.

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