Boost Your Search Engine Page Ranking With Directory Listings

\"Kostenlose It is a well known fact that links to your website from other sites will boost your popularity along the major search engines. There are many ways of achieving this.

order augmentin UK online You could get natural links when other website owners link to you because they like your content, you could mutually arrange reciprocal links, or even try submitting articles to article directories.

effexor cost in USA In this article we look at creating links to your site by submitting to website directories such as the Open There are countless websites directories on the internet, but DMOZ is easily the most and most popular.

enter There are three main advantages to having your website listed on DMOZ. First, the listing on DMOZ will create a backlink to your site. Second, Google uses the Open Directory for its own directory so you will be listed there too. Third, and sometimes most important, is the fact that the Open Directory is free for websites to download and use, so your website will be listed on countless smaller sites as well. These three factors combined can significantly boost your page ranking on the major search engines.

buy metronidazole in Buraidah Saudi Arabia However, getting your website listed on the Open Directory can be a frustrating process. Each submission is basically reviewed by an volunteer and there is usually a backlog. How big the backlog is will depend on the category your website is being submitted to. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about this. However, when you are submitting it is vital that you submit your website to the correct category. If not, you could be waiting at least twice as long to get listed. If you submit to the wrong category, when it comes up for review your site will be redirected to the correct category at the bottom of the waiting list again.

see It is also possible to have your website redirected. Follow DMOZ's submission guidelines to the word, especially when it comes so the title and description of your website. Your site could be rejected if you do not follow these guidelines closely.

watch Also, the content of your site may have a bearing on whether or not it is accepted. The majority of your site's content should be original. If you suspect that your website may have been redirected, try asking one of the editors on the forum. They are often very helpful. The Open Directory is just one of many website directories on the internet. You should try submitting to a few to boost your website's exposure and help improve your search engine page ranking.


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