Behind the Neck Press Exercise

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An effective exercise to target the deltoid muscles, the behind the neck shoulder press is a less common variation of the over head barbell press. Whilst the behind the neck press being a very effective exercise, the exercise may prove to be an unwice choice for anyone with shoulder flexibility issues. Some may find bringing the barbell to no lower than ear level upon execution can be good at reducing the risk of shoulder issues arising.

The front and side deltoid heads will be adequately targeted with the behind the neck press, despite stimulation to the rear deltoid head will be minimal. The rep range 6-12 is commonly said to be a suitable rep range for anyone whos goal is to increase muscle size and mass. This of course is not universal and it would be wise to experiment with different rep and set ranges to see which rule seems to be the most effective for you.

Instructions on how to perform the Behind the Neck Press Exercise:

-Put the correct weight onto the barbell. Put on safety collars.
-Take an overhand shoulder width grip, and take bar off rack. (or Clean off floor if you do not have a rack)
-Carefully place the barbell behind the neck, whilst keeping torso erect, and back straight.
-Whilst keeping torso erect, press the bar up until arms are extending above.
-Whilst keeping good body posture, slowly lower the weight back behind the neck.
-Repeat for desired amount of repetitions in a controlled manner

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Source by Franky J Jones