Article Submission Strategies – Which of These 3 Article Submission Mistakes Are You Making?


where can I buy generic luvox Article marketing requires that you submit your articles to the article directories. While article submission looks like a relatively simple process, there are many mistakes that can be made, and you might not even know you are making them.

go to site The most common article submission mistakes Let's take a look at the three most common article submission mistakes and what to do instead.

flagyl antibiotic for sale 1. Confusion between where you submit your articles vs. go here How you submit your articles – In my experience, while where you submit your articles is important, how you submit them is much more important. You can submit your articles to the top directories, not submit them well, and not get much response. You can submit your articles to less popular directories, submit them well, and get a great response.

amoxil cost Australia 2. Having no article submission strategy – Most article writers approach submitting their articles with the strategy of getting it done and over with as quickly possible. This is a bad strategy. You want to take your time and have a strategy that uses your keywords in all five article submission fields in the article directories.

source site 3. Not automating your article submission process – No, I am not referring to having a service to submit your articles to hundreds of directories. Again, that is where you submit your articles, or article distribution. What I am talking about is using automation tools to speed up the process of submitting your articles. You can use software such as short keys lite to type in content that you use over and over for your keywords. In EzineArticles you can have up to three resource boxes pre-programmed and ready to choose and use from the drop down box.

I invite you to use these article submission strategies.


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Source by Jeff Herring