Article Submission – Automatic Or Manual Method?

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When considering submitting articles to article directories, there are two ways to achieve this. The first one is to use an automatic submission using one of the software programs available.

There are several hundred directories available to submit articles, and using an automatic service will save a lot of time, but there are disadvantages to using this method as well.

One of the main reasons for submitting articles in to get one-way links back to websites and this helps to obtain better positioning in search engines.

The problem with automatic article submission is that many of the best article directories do not like this method. Also there are differences with article directories in their submission guidelines.

Some directories allow html in the article content, others don’t. Sometimes it is possible to put links in the content but many directories will not allow this.

There is a difference in the number of links allowed between article directories. There is a difference in the information required for submissions, including entering categories and sometimes-requiring image confirmation to submit articles.

The number of words allowed varies from the different directories. The correct category must be chosen, the correct number of links added.

Manual article submission will offer the best results, because using automatic submission some directories will not accept the article.

Using the manual method, the article can be changed to best suit each directory; the number of links can be varied to get the maximum benefit for each article. The category can be selected which best fits each article, and this can make a big difference in the results obtained from articles.

The articles have a much better chance of acceptance using manual submission as the correct category has been chosen, the right amount of links added and number of words.

Many of the top directories will only accept articles, which have been manually submitted.

There are many companies who now offer article submission services who charge per article or for a group of articles. When choosing to use this method, it is important to see which directories the articles will be submitted to and to receive a report of successfully submitted directories.

It is important not to submit an article more than once to the same directory; so careful recording of all results must be obtained.

When deciding which method to use for article submission, it will be important to consider a few points like how much time you have to do this yourself, remembering that it will take around five minutes to submit to one directory.

It may be beneficial to use a manual submitting service to do this for you. It will be an additional expense but this can be offset by the time saved.

Maybe a combination of manual and automatic submissions could provide the best solution depending on a particular situation.

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