American Cane System: Ranking Series, Volume 2

American Cane System: Ranking Series, Volume 2

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The American Cane System is a traditional martial art style founded by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr. that uses a cane to strengthen individuals mentally, physically, and emotionally. Grandmaster Shuey is the head of the Cane Masters International Association and holds advanced black belt ranks in Hapkido (7th Dan), Tang Soo Do (6th Dan), and Tae Kwon Do (8th Dan). The American Cane System has 8 levels from white belt up to first degree black belt, followed by ten levels of black belt, including the title of Cane Master. This instructional DVD series was created as a means of documenting the core of fundamental information required to test for each level up to first degree black belt. While intended for American Cane System student, this series is beneficial for anyone wishing to learn more about the versatility of the cane as a tool for self-defense and exercise.

LEVEL 2 builds on the American Cane System student’s level one knowledge introducing the philosophy of the American Cane System and traditional martial arts concepts including style structure. New topics include training on a heavy bag with a cane and partner drills (blocking and striking cane-against-cane with a partner). The student will learn two new grips, one stance, punching with and without a cane, eight fundamental blocks, swing strikes, double-handed jabs, figure-8 swings and flow drills, six double-handed crooks strikes, crook strike combinations, and more. The exercise system adds new strength training sets including stretches to improve shoulder mobility and lower body stretches. The student’s self-defense technique repertoire expands to include four more techniques (CTs 4-7), which deal with punches and a bear hug, and an introduction to the 11 elements of self-defense. The DVD concludes with instruction in the required kata Reflection 2. The kata is presented at power and speed, and from Front, Side, and Back views at half-speed. The kata is then broken down into segments which clarify important subtleties and practical applications of the defensive scenarios. This DVD was professionally filmed and edited using three different cameras and documents the material required to test for orange belt.

The series was produced by the American Martial Arts Institute, the Northeast Headquarters for the Cane Masters International Association, under the direction of Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. Grandmaster Crandall has over 48 years of traditional martial arts experience. He founder of the American Eagle Style (empty-hand), a certified Cane Master, and a retired superintendent of schools in New York State. Eric Stalloch and Lynn Jessee are certified Cane Masters in the American Cane System and students of Grandmaster Crandall. Mr. Stalloch is a 6th degree black belt in American Eagle Style with over 21 years of training and a permanently certified high school teacher in New York State. Mrs. Jessee is a 5th degree black belt in American Eagle Style with over 28 years of training and a physical therapy assistant in New Hampshire. Together with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, they have combined their skills to document the American Cane System’s fundamental techniques required for to test for 1st Degree Black Belt. For more information, classes, seminars, and contact information visit and Classes are offered at the international headquarters in Incline Village, Nevada; at the East coast headquarters in New Hartford, New York; and other certified Cane Masters Training centers across the United States and Internationally.

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