Resetting and Recovering Forgotten AD Passwords in SharePoint

click For any organization with more than 10 employees and security policies that require users to have complex passwords that are subject to regular change, there is a common problem when users forget their passwords. Usually, only contact administrator can restore or reset a forgotten password.

Virtosoftware offers an alternative solution for SharePoint users with its web part Virto Passowrd Reset and Virto Active Directory User Service. These two applications, being integrated, allow users to reset their passwords by themselves after correctly answering to a pre-defined security question.

What Is Virto Password Reset and Virto AD Service?

get link Virto AD Service is a web part for Microsoft SharePointthat source link allows authorized SharePoint users to easily manage their AD profiles. With Virto Active Directory User Service a user could easily change information on his mobile phone number, date of birth or any other parameter of his profile without contacting system administrator.
buy paxil 10 mg tablets cheap Virto Password Reset see url is a powerful and extremely simple tool for helping SharePoint users who forget their passwords or let them expire due to a password security policy. The web part allows such users to easily reset the password via SharePoint interface without contacting system administrator. With the special code, that is available with Virto Password Reset, the web part can be integrated to any web site or intranet, not just SharePoint.

How Does This Work?

Generally, the integrated web parts allow a user to define an answer to a security question, filling a special field in his profile. W buy metronidazole online Ljubljana hen user tries to reset his password, an answer to the question is required, verified, and if it is correct, the password is reset.

How to Implement This?

To implement the solution one needs to do four simple steps:
1.    Install Virto Active Directory Self User Service
2.    Add a field to AD user profile for an answer to a security question
3.    Install Virto Password Reset Web Part
4.    Select the added field in the Password Reset Web Part settings as an answer for security question

What Administrator Shoud Do?

Install Virto Active Directory User Service. Then go to “Site Actions – Site Settings”

Follow the link “Virto Active Directory Service Settings”.

Click “Manage Fields” and use “Add Field” to add a new field to the list.

Enter required data and pay attention to the field “AD Name” (corresponding field from Active Directory). Then click “OK”.

The field will appear in the Active Directory Self User Service Web Part.

Go to the site where Virto Password Reset Web Part is installed. Use “Modify Shared Web Part”.

Adjust web part for security question (see User Guide). Define the field (created with the Active Directory User Service) as a field with an answer to security question


What a User Shoud Do Before His Password Is Forgotten?

Go to SharePoint site where the Active Directory User Service is installed. Fill out the field “Secure Answer (Pet’s Name)”. Click “Save”


What a User Shoud Do When Has His Password Forgotten?

Go to the site with anonymous access.

Enter answer to the security question. Click “Submit”. If the answer is incorrect, a message will appear.

When the answer is correct, password will be displayed and sent by e-mail

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