A Television Ad – Digital Printing Press or Online Banner?

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There are all sorts of media available for the businesses of the 21st century. Technology has made it all happen. It seems that everyone and everything are connected and can become easily linked. And while you are thinking of using a digital printing press, a commercial television ad or an online banner as your marketing strategies, stop and think twice to make sure you are on the right path.

Back to the Fundamentals
A print ad, a television commercial and an online banner may seem all the same – all of these may be used as marketing or advertising materials. Yet each of these possesses distinct strengths and characteristics.

Ask these questions in order for you to surrise on what important grounds you should employ these media.

1. Production Cost
The costs for the production and execution of each media can vary. Commercials costs a lot of money since you would have to pay for air time, away from hiring a whole production crew.

Online banners, however, may be cheap since it does not have to be produced in reels or prints. But buying ad spaces online can be just as costly, with pay per click charges or even ad spaces paid for each day.

Prints like postcards or flyers can easily be designed by a graphic designer and then sent out. It may just be the cheapest among the options.

2. Exposure
The frequency with which your materials are seen are relative to your audiences. Neverheless, both television and internet requires users to switch on the TV or log on to the internet in order for them to be exposed to such ads.

Print ads, on the other hand, can be filled out and read, placed in strategic locations and handed out to audiences who need not do anything else but to look what is already placed in front of them.

3. Time
How long it takes to create a commercial production may take a few days and that still goes without editing.

Online banners are made by graphic designers who can submit it to sites online. Prints require graphic designers to submit such files to online printers and wait for it to be processed. But other than this, once the design is done and meets the requirements of the printers met, there are no other delays.

4. Audience
Commercials have a wide range of audiences that you can tap into markets locally, nationwide coverage or internationally.

Internet users, however, still have a huge and varying range of users too but with which you can easily tap because of the niches and communities present.

Prints can also conquer local markets, nationwide coverage and more. It can also tap into niches with the use of mailing lists.

These are just some of the reasons and observations you should put into consideration. It really is not just about the money, but the usefulness of what a commercial ad, a digital printing press, and an online banner can do for you goals and objectives. Review what you need, what potentials you can explore in each medium and use it to your full advantage.

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