12 Simple Ways to Pull Traffic to Your Site

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12 Simple Ways to pull traffic to your website.

1. Your Content should always be unique.

2. Try to submit your website to as many search engines. Resubmit it every 6 months after initial indexing.

3. Comment on blogs with relative content as much as you can, it build up backlinks. Make sure you don’t spam around.

4. Try to get backlinks from websites with higher PR, Trackbacks can also be extremely good for SEO.

5. Write quality articles and publish them on sites like ezine, Article base, Digg etc, It can help creating inbound links.

6. Try to get listed on web directories like yahoo, dmoz.

7. Add some links for RSS feeds reader and blog owners like Google Reader, BlogLines and Yahoo MyWeb.

8. Add social bookmarking links at the bottom of each post.

9. Make it easier for your blog readers to find your RSS feeds. I would Suggest to put a RSS image in a corner like here on my website.

10. If your articles are really good, Try emailing them to big-name bloggers with a short message, They might like it and give you a backlink.

11. Submit your RSS feeds to ass many as possible RSS directories,  Blog readers may subscribe it and you can get a lot of backlinks.

12. Yahoo Answers is one of the best way to build backlinks, search for your niche over there and answer as many questions you can put your website link in source, this helps in gaining backlinks, Many web owners use this way to get traffic.

Rishabh Sood – TheSEOGalaxy.Com

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Source by Rishabh Sood